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One Wounded In Car-To-Car Shooting On Detroit Avenue In Concord Friday


One person appears to have been wounded in the hand after shots were fired at a car carrying two people in Concord Friday night.

Investigators are gathering evidence at multiple locations but the victim vehicle appears to have come to rest in the 1100 block of Detroit Avenue – riddled by gunfire.

A young man in the vehicle at the time of the shooting was treated for a gunshot wound to the hand. A young woman in the car with him apparently escaped unhurt.

The incident was reported at 9:06 p.m.

Police shut down traffic on Detroit Avenue in the area of the shooting scene in order to conduct their investigation.

Investigators were reportedly looking for at least two other cars believed to have been involved in the shooting and believed some may have collision or gunshot damage.


  1. So many families in that area. I hope the young man recovers but I’m also glad no one else was hurt.

  2. We’re on Detroit and we heard the shots and then the sound of a cafr running fast and sounding like it was dragging something. Chaos. I think they may have known who was shooting at them.

  3. Now that Judge Benitez in his wisdom has ruled that AR-15s are really nothing more than a Swiss Army knife I look forward to our rapid depopulation at the hands of people with access to these guns and a need to do a little whittling.

    • Correct!
      And add to that, that Governor Newsom will be emptying the rest of 70,000 jail inmates into the California streets soon…… it will be a war zone. I’m personally afraid for myself, loved ones and the vulnerable in society.

    • I have a question. Why is it anyone whose read what the judge said quote the Swiss Army knife and not any other fact listed? Everyone is using the Swiss Army knife as the big catch all. When he stated facts like people died 7x more by Knives’s than guns. And even though there is facts regarding that no one believes it. The news media doesn’t report on knife attacks it’s boring. Plus can you imagine the GOVERNMENT trying to BAN knifes!!! They can’t, so what better to do then talk about Gun “violence” it’s where all the attention comes from.

      • Maybe its because you don’t hear of anyone climbing a tower or casino and killing sixty people with a boy scout knife.

        • London is awash in machete attacks. Cologne (Koln), Germany had over 1,000 sexual assaults on New Years Eve, most media ignored it. Didn’t fit the liberal narrative. Open borders are so wonderful. s/

          Chicago has upwards of 50 shootings some weekends. How about we penalize absent Fathers?

  4. If these gang bangers want to kill each other, take it far away from innocent people in the neighborhood. I won’t go anywhere near Monument. It’s too depressing.

    • Liberals support it. There went all the ‘affordable housing’ young teachers, seniors, fast food workers & limited income people used to occupy. Thousands of units. I did volunteer work and went to one apartment… there were 3 or 4 cribs in the living room, I guess 2, 3, 4 adults to a room.

      • Yes I believe Concord has a problem with gang violence and yes people are getting hurt. As for people who post hoping to “trigger” a liberal I wish you’d put your time to more constructive use. Most of us are way beyond being triggered by hypocrites and fools and just don’t listen any more.

    • “I won’t go anywhere near Monument. It’s too depressing.” That begs the question…is there life without the local Costco at Detroit/Monument…my Costco? Another of your “law and order” post-a-likes won’t drive SR4 anymore. Too dangerous, he asserts. That circle of perceived safety…that circle of perceived “humanity” grows ever smaller every day for some people. That’s a load of fear you fellows carry.

      • I think it’s more what happens off Monument, at night… or even off Monjment in the middle of the day, in the summer. In broad daylight.

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