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Scammers Targeting Our Not-So-Smart TV’s


Computer repair. Virus removal. Johnnie’s in jail. We’ve heard them all – and there’s always some breathless dude on the other end of the line or email link waiting for a wire transfer or some gift cards.

We think everyone knows by now just how nefarious these scammers can get. But the folks at Danville PD have encountered a new con rumored to have been making the rounds.

A resident recently reported that when they went to launch the Amazon app on their Smart TV they received an error message with instructions to make a phone call for service. When the victim called the number they were instructed to download the Quicksupport and CashApp programs. After they were installed, the criminals took over the victim’s phone and sent thousands of dollars through Zelle and CashApp – always untraceable and always to some far off locale.

DPD advises Smart TV owners experiencing technical difficulties that there will usually be a code to check online explaining what that issue is. And companies like Amazon will NOT ask you to download payment apps and things like that.

They suggest that if something strange is happening and you’re not sure what’s happening, check in with your local law enforcement. Good advice. The last thing we need is our own TV’s rigged to rip us off…


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