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One Injured In Sunday Morning Fire At The Keys Complex In Walnut Creek

Photo: ConFire

Fire at The Keys complex on N. Civic Drive in Walnut Creek left one person with “significant” burn injuries and neighbors without homes, according to firefighters with the Contra Costa County Fire Protection District.

Crews descended on the blaze, reported in a second floor unit at the apartment/condo complex shortly after the fire was reported at 11:12 a.m. A search was conducted and one person in the affected unit was located and extricated with serious burns.

Neighbors in adjacent units were evacuated as fire spread to other units. A total of 18 units may have been rendered inhabitable – either by fire, smoke, or water damage or by power shutoffs.

There was no additional word given on the condition of the burn patient.


  1. Awful news. I’m guessing that building was built before the Loma Prieta EQ. Those pillars look a bit iffy to a layman such as myself.
    Again, very sorry to hear more sad news.

  2. The rescued pig story was half uplifting, half tragic. We need a chihuahua rescue or pictures of penguins or something to lift our spirits. Re-runs of 49ers football isn’t working. Alcohol isn’t working. Prayers aren’t working.

  3. I live in the complex but in a different building. Rumor has it that it was a kitchen fire although this hasn’t been confirmed by the fire inspector, just a neighbor’s word. The previous fire six months ago where the occupant died is also rumored to have started with a cooking accident. The Keys is a huge complex with 9-10 buildings on 29 acres of property with each building having approximately 100 units, so if just one person isn’t paying attention the damage to other units can be extensive.

  4. I used to live at The Keys in the building next to this one (#310) in the 1980s just after the condo conversion took place. I had barely moved in when some woman at the other end of the complex set her unit on fire intentionally because she was mad at her husband. Or, maybe it was her boyfriend. Can’t remember which now. Anyway, no one was hurt and the damage was confined to her unit. But, a really crazy and irresponsible thing to do. I immediately regretted buying there.

    We used to have to evacuate regularly for fire alarms resulting from people dumping their still smoldering charcoal briquettes down the garbage shoot into the dumpster. They’d sit there for a while, then the fire would start, usually around midnight after you’d gone to bed. One time we sat in our cars with our pets in the parking lot ’till 3:00 am. Makes it really hard to get up and go to work the next day. Hope everybody is able to recover from this and the burn victim makes a full and speedy recovery..

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