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Moraga PD Nabs One Suspected Car Rummager; Continues Patrols For Others

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Police in Moraga Monday announced the arrest of a Concord woman suspected of as many as 20 thefts from cars and garages throughout the area over the last month and a half.

In a release issued by the department, police said they will be seeking charges against Angelina Jaimes, 22, of Concord in relation to the recent thefts – while cautioning residents that other thieves may still be targeting the area.

Police said video snippets captured on home security systems led to the arrest, with police recognizing Jaimes at work and making the arrest.

In one case, Jaimes and unidentified accomplices allegedly used a garage door opener pilfered from a car and used it to gain access to a resident’s garage – which they also burglarized.

Anyone with any further information on the burglaries is asked to contact the Moraga Police at 925-888-7055.


  1. This is the same gal that was doing burglaries in Concord 2 years ago. Apparently she gets caught, then the judges immediately release her to continue her ‘career’. Am I the only one who gets upset about this?
    While so many in the bay area are so concerned about criminal-rights, inmate comfort and supposed social justice, doesn’t anyone care about us hard working, stress commuting, tax-paying, good citizens?

  2. She’s a career criminal. She’s been arrested 10 times between 9/8/16 – 1/11/20. In Concord, Antioch, Clayton and CCC Sheriff. She’ll get a slap on the wrist, and be at it again in no time.

  3. I don’t leave anything in my car and I don’t leave it unlocked. Oddly enough, my car has not been broken into.

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