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Lafayette Removes 19 Trouble-Making Pigs; Reopens Local Trails

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From the City of Lafayette:

LAFAYETTE, CALIF., Jan. 29, 2020—The City of Lafayette’s Parks, Trails & Recreation Department has reopened all trails following a successful operation to control the feral pig population in the City.  Last fall, wild pigs caused public safety concerns and $25,000 in damage to City parks, and extensive damage to residential property. 

Parks, Trails & Recreation worked with a local company to control the wild pig population, coordinating with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and the Lafayette Police Department to ensure that the removal of the 19 trapped pigs was done safely. 

As of January 27, 2020, all Lafayette Community Park trails are open.  Staff is currently monitoring the park and surrounding areas.  Should feral pig activity increase, park staff may close sections of trails. Please obey all signage in the parks. There may still be wild pigs in the vicinity. The public is reminded to keep dogs on-leash at all times. Do not approach wild pigs and stay off trails and out of parks at dawn and after dusk as pigs are most active during hours of darkness. If threatened by a pig, climb up a tree, boulder, bench, and, as a last resort, fight back. Do not enter pig-trapping areas.  


  1. As long as these bleeding-heart liberals keep voting for these soft-on-pig-crime legislators, this is our new normal. Common sense tells me these outsiders should have been sliced into bacon and pork chops years ago. It is foolish to wait until $25k in damage has been done to our upscale neighborhood and then try to trap and release these oinkers when we know they will come back and do more damage. This was preventable. I’m so sick of this liberal California mindset.

    • Whoa! Starting things off with a bang, Danielle I! We can state from our hunting past that these porcine rototillers are tough as an old boot and not gourmet fare. Having put down the blunderbuss we can also say we’re sorry when wildlife runs afoul of our lawns, golf courses and soccer fields and, once again, finds themselves under the gun.

    • Whoever you are, I would substitute bacon for fruit (healthier) write CA, not California and 25K, not 25k. Nice try.

  2. “If threatened by a pig, climb up a tree, boulder, bench, and, as a last resort, fight back.”
    I’m sorry. Is this advice for los niños? A boulder? A bench? Seriously? There is no f’ing way that climbing is my first choice, and if that squealing, wire-haired beasty out of the twilight zone is that big and mean, why? why? would I seek refuge on a bench? or the always handy boulder taller than a full grown feral pig? I think the lawyer who wrote that is having fun with us.

  3. I propose an eradication program for self-entitled motorists in gas guzzling cars. Their doing more damage than the pigs ever could.

  4. Martinez would have created a hog habitat and fly in a hog expert to make them more comfortable at the cost of $45k to the public.

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