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Two Arrested In Orinda Wednesday After Alleged Assault On Police Officer

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UPDATE: Both suspects are in custody. Taken into custody on Boeger Way in Orinda.

An overnight search for two suspected wanted for allegedly attempting to ram a pursuing California Highway Patrol officer has turned into a morning search among the homes behind McDonnell’s Nursery in Orinda.

The pair appeared to have been sheltering at a home near Wild Rye Road and allegedly ran from officers after they were a little after 8 am. this morning.

We believe the pair entered the area on eastbound Highway 24 early Wednesday morning, allegedly attempted to ram or actually rammed a patrol vehicle and fled into the Wilder neighborhood.

Lamorinda police converged on the area and commenced a search for the vehicle involved shortly before 3 a.m., but the occupants – a man and a woman – eluded officers.


    • Suspects of ALL races and genders ROUTINELY identified during breaking news incidents. Suggestion otherwise indicates lack of familiarity with our procedures.

  1. I respectfully suggest you research the point rather than rely on LE for a definition of race. Ethnicity is not a reliable alternative for a suspect description as it does not consistently imply skin color, hair color eye color or anything of the sort. Regardless as to whether LE uses it, it is possible to change how you use it 🙂

    • Interested in hearing how you would see things done in future. Hypothetical: Three people, 2 men and 1 woman, are seen running from a house that is found to be burglarized. How should their description appear in advisories to neighbors who may be interested in such news?

    • I think it’s a good question. I suspect it is used to imply to us readers brown complexion perhaps from Mexico or Central America…which is probably not an accurate representation of the definition, but if the audience generally interprets it the same way, communication happens, and some notion of physical appearance is communicated. But seriously, that’s weak.

  2. If I were in charge it would be visual clues such as clothing, hair color, skin color, height etc. My issue with ethnicity is that it does not provide reliable attributes and is only used with hispanics which, in my opinion, leads to generalizations and prejudice that may or may not be accurate. Thanks for hearing me out. I’m probably in the minority on this, no pun intended!

  3. James, I’m just trying to have a thought provoking discussion. And the kind moderator did ask me what I would suggest.

    • I thought your question was fair, it’s an issue that news organizations have struggled with all over North America. I didn’t think it was fair to see the ALL CAPS response from the publisher of the site, which is the on-line equivalent of shouting at someone. If you’re welcoming input, it can be done in a more thoughtful way.

      • You’ve got to be joking. When I saw this post I thought you were referencing some sort of editorial opinion spill and spent a bunch of time looking for one. If you’re referencing the all caps use of all and routinely I think you have a really weak argument — especially since the editors here have answered the very same question your referencing over and over again — which really says something about the readers if you ask me. Also the poster was clearly invited to submit their idea for how identifications of people made in split seconds should be conducted and there was no real response to the question. What is pretty clear is that there is no shortage of people around these parts looking for something negative to give their opinion on — wanted or not. You can go on Next Door and do that if you want but it’s boring and I come here to learn something not just look for something to go tsk tsk tsk over.

        • Yes. The endless circle argument about race or guns. Ready to listen to any actual point of view but blather is boring.

  4. Richard, the whole point is to make it easier to identify someone for the police to stop, specifically criminals. It’s not to offend anyone. Did you take offense? If so, why? If using ethnicity as an identifier has worked for a long time, why change it?

    Are you telling me when you look at a human being, you completely disregard their ethnicity? If so, why? If not, why not?

    I’m just trying to understand why it’s even an issue to begin with.

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