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Burglars Posing As PG&E Line Inspectors Raid Orinda Downs Home Tuesday


Orinda police are canvassing homes in Orinda Downs after a reported burglary on Van Ripper Lane Tuesday afternoon.

Details remain sketchy as the crime has only recently been reported, but initial information has that a man dressed in a utility worker’s uniform approached the home while an unseen accomplice reportedly gained access to the home from the back yard and made off with jewelry.

Additional calls of “suspicious persons” in the area where the crime was reported have kept police busy.

UPDATE: OPD Chief Mark Nagel confirmed most of our information thus far, saying:

It wasn’t a traditional burglary. Apparently suspects made a ruse as PGE (workers) to inspect lines.  Homeowner let them in and they went to the backyard.  Second suspect was seen by a witness entering a side garage door and entered the house.  Suspect went to the bedroom and took a jewelry box and left the house.  Suspect #1 was a distraction.  We are looking for video of suspect car.


  1. If someone knocks on your door “claiming to be from PG&E,” ask for ID. PG&E employees always carry ID, and they’re willing to show it to you. I wouldn’t let them in even with ID unless I called and asked them to come out. For all I know, the ID could be stolen. In God We Trust – all others are under suspicion. It’s the society we live in. Hopefully, the car is on a neighbors camera.

    • Agreed. From what we understand these “inspectors” looked the part, though, with official looking gear. Our condolences to the homeowner.

    • … with a good sniffer and a big woofer. The pups have proven to be good deterrents in the past, it’s true.

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