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The Shopping List – What Local Thieves Are Taking

Photo: San Ramon PD

We’ve written about this so much now it seems redundant and boring and, well, we’re just not so we’ll let the picture tell the story – this being Labor Day and all.

Officers in San Ramon stopped a car for a minor traffic infraction Sunday, determined the driver was on active probation and then – lo and behold – found a cache of stolen goods valued at nearly $2,500 in the car.

The “Usual Suspects,” serial shoplifters and petty theft artists who make the rounds of local stores picking off items like this, routinely gather up goods for easy sale on the “secondary market” or for use in the local drug trade.

If you aren’t already aware of it, they are hitting businesses in the 24/680 really hard – with regular shoplifting “routes” and favorite stores. This person was apparently stopped, after a nifty piece of work in San Ramon, but there are a lot of others out there.


    • Unsure of your time frame but some folks of the type we’re addressing here today borrowed several bottles of wine and left without paying. Apparently they did it again locally and at least one was caught and arrested.

  1. Hard to believe how they get away with as much stuff as they do. Its like a job for some of them.

  2. They don’t even hid it anymore just fill a cart and walk out, seen it several times. Items are sold to the small mini-marts for cash…or at flea market

  3. Getting a little absurd. Security guards who aren’t security guards. Companies willing to stand by and take the loss rather than risk a lawsuit. Some teens rushed past me in Walnut Creek yesterday and I will admit my first thought was SHOPLIFTERS! But it turned out they were just hurrying to meet friends. I do know it happens and I do know it is bad. There seems to be an effort to make it seem it is not as bad as some might think – which I guess is something driven by the local chambers and the citys themselves. No one wants to admit their downtown areas are a magnet for thieves. But now we have bystanders FILMING the thefts while the crooks step around them. Unusual situation at least.

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