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“Loyal Even After The Cuffs Go On…”


Photo of a suspected shoplifter (can anyone ID the stack of goods on the ground?) taken into custody at Safeway in Walnut Creek, his doggo expressing concern.

Police have been redoubling their efforts to combat this sort of thing and it is taken seriously as there appear to be multi-million dollar theft rings backing much of it. Believe the doggo was secured by Animal Control but we can’t be sure and it raises another issue as many folks have animals with them at the time of their arrests and that poses another issue for police.

Anyway, getting to be an all-too-common sight around the 24/680 lately.


  1. Expensive diapers, check…below the $950 Prop 47 limit, check…easy to walk out of store with, check…bring my dog cuz I’m not gonna get caught, check….WCPD waiting for me, DOH!

  2. I keep noticing that the majority of the people nabbed by police for doing wrong seem to be wearing nice expensive sneakers!

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