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Chain-Reaction Crash Takes Out Storefront In Walnut Creek Wednesday


A whipsawed motorist involved in an earlier crash ended up as the front window display of the Sundance Antiques store on Boulevard Circle in Walnut Creek Wednesday.

The driver, stunned but apparently unhurt, was reportedly hit by another car prior to the crash, which spun his vehicle and drove it into the storefront.

Crews were turning out to board up the business and determine the extent of any structural damage done to the building.

The crash was reported at 11:23a.m.


  1. That’s the thing with Full Self Driving, sometimes the perfect parking space materializes just when you need it most. Cheers to living the dream!

  2. A worker at the auto paint store saw it. The accident started 20 yds or so down Mt Diablo Blvd. The elderly driver was apparently dazed and put it in reverse, backed around the corner with his foot to the floor and backed 300 ft thru the stop sign and into my store!

    • Sorry it happened, Garr, as that glass had to be expensive. Seems to be a fairly common occurrence for some reason, so you’re by no means alone. Hope you’ve got everything cleaned up and back in order!

  3. Doh! Baby boomer…like me, but with a touch of information transposition disorder.
    Warning: Looking forward while driving backward can be disorienting.

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