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Cannabis Delivery Goes Badly In Danville Sunday


Unofficial word on the street is that a marijuana delivery in the parking lot of Greenbrook Elementary School, 1475 Harlan Drive in Danville, went badly for the delivery driver Sunday after he was confronted by three men who relieved him of his wares after one allegedly struck him in the face.

Police declined to discuss specifics of the incident, reported at 1:18 p.m. Sunday, and would say only that they are investigating a report of a strongarm robbery at that location, that the crime is “considered to be an isolated incident” and “presents no threat to the public.”

The incident is currently under investigation, police said Monday.

Our information is that the unnamed delivery driver – whom we believe worked for a firm licensed to sell and deliver marijuana – was the victim in this instance, sustaining a facial injury as well as having his wares stolen from him by force. It is believed the three men responsible fled the area afterward.

It is not known if identifying information needed for an individual to order and receive cannabis was utilized in this case. It was also not immediately known if the driver was aware his buyer had arranged to meet at a local school.


  1. Those third grade bullies are tougher than they look.
    If you are delivering weed to an elementary school, I have to conclude you are either a criminal or have impaired judgment. Maybe driving is not such a good idea.

    • Don’t think they were on a Sunday schedule and we don’t know for certain yet but we would wager some alarm bells were going off for this driver when he arrived on the scene.

    • Marijuana is legal, Danielle. Pizza delivery drivers get robbed too. Legalize pepperoni! I do, however, support the war on pineapple.

      • Pineapple is, after all, a well-known gateway fruit proven to lead to guava and papaya consumption – a perilous path indeed.

      • I never said it wasn’t legal. If you don’t understand the difference between pizza and drugs – trying to explain it to you would be pointless.

        • Yes but is marijuana a drug? I know it remains qualified as such by our government and they’ve never been wrong about anything before right — but although my lungs are pure and I never Clintoned I have to squint real hard to see it as dangerous as crack or heroin. My two cents.

        • I never said I didn’t understand the difference between pizza and drugs. If you don’t understand the difference between trying to find commonalities between two things and thinking they are the exact same, trying to explain it to you would be pointless.

  2. Anything more on this? We relied heavily on a delivery service when my mom was sick with cancer and they were very professional and kind. She had a hard time eating at the end stages and every once in a while they would surprise us with something that made her feel human again. If you want to talk about the effect alcohol consumption has had on this country opposed to the wacky weed I’d be happy to share my opinion. There is no argument that would convince me that marijuana is harmful if used correctly. And no hangover!

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