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Antioch Man Suspected Of Pleasant Hill Carjacking Tracked, Arrested In Bay Point Wednesday

Tools of the trade. Photo: Pleasant Hill PD

Two Sun Valley Mall employees talking inside a car near the Pleasant Hill Burger King restaurant a little after midnight Tuesday were interrupted by a masked gunman who approached the driver and demanded the car.

Pleasant Hill police, who took the resulting call for help, said the suspect fled the area in the stolen car, driving to a neighborhood in Bay Point where officers from Pleasant Hill and deputies from the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office descended on the vehicle and arrested the 26-year-old Antioch man inside.

Police said the suspected carjacker has a recent history of auto theft arrests. He was booked into the county jail in Martinez on carjacking and related charges. A replica .45 caliber pistol was recovered from inside the stolen car, according to police. The vehicle and other stolen property were returned to the owner.


  1. I am sorry to be the stark realist here, but I bet you anything, that this guy is already out on the streets!
    I was originally going to say that I bet he already was out on parole, or had warrants for his arrest. This ends up being true. I am so fed up with the Bay Area’s soft view on crime. I know the Governor does not like locking people up, saying it is cruel and costs a lot of money. But the way we are going, it is costing society more, and it is not helping the criminals either, as they are not receiving rehabilitation. When are the rest of you going to be mad about this. The Cops are doing a wonderful job, only to have it unwound by the liberal judicial system & politicians who seem to not care about the good public.

  2. PS: This has been part of the reason for all the trouble on BART. The BART board of directors and upper management has seen their role as also being one of Social Justice. Not just properly running a major transportation network. They have sanctioned the idea of homeless and druggies riding on trains all day and night without paying, so they could be ‘out of the cold and rain’ or ‘out of the heat’, and for inner city youths to just jump the fare gate and ride for free, as a gesture to be kind and fair to disadvantaged. They board even requested under-reporting of resulting crimes, the public would not get wise. But, the truth has all come out now due to lawsuits resulting from Bart no longer being safe due to these practices. I am glad that that has come to light.

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