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Shoplifting Crews At Work In The 24/680 Friday


ADVISORY: Video clip bears a few Scottish F-Bombs and drug references. Do not open if this offends you.

A beautiful morning dawns in the 24/680 and we entertained the idea of playing a little hooky but it seems the local or – dare we say it? – visiting shoplifting crews are hard at work.

One crew of four fleet-of-foot discount shoppers must be building a summer home somewhere as they stole several sets of power tools from the Alamo Ace Hardware store this morning, one of them in such a hurry to get away with the loot they slipped and fell on the way out. (Watch out for that one, we’ve actually had some bad dudes try to sue us for capturing them in the act before… watch out for a Slip and Fall suit.)

A running theme in all this: getaway cars with paper plates, again, and large numbers of people entering a store and making off with merchandise. Police are on the lookout for this crew and others.

Lately we’ve also seen theft squads specialize their approach to thievery, going after high-end alcohol, baby formula or cosmetics, electronics or the aforementioned power tools – all of which can be sold quickly at local markets or online.

If you’ve been hit, let us know in the comments section. Others are reading and may learn from your loss.

As for the accompanying video, it is of course from Trainspotting, one of our favorite movies, and this clip seemed to sum up the driving force behind much of the recent shoplifting binge neatly.


    • Hate to hear that, Matt. Can you say (generally) where it happened? We’re trying to map these things as they come in.

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