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Men Who Allegedly Fled From Orinda PD Officer Saturday Identified

Photo: Laura Farwell - Courtesy of EastCountyToday

UPDATE: Alleged driver Danny Lockett Jr. was charged Wednesday with manslaughter and felony evading peace officers in connection with this case. He was additionally charged with having prior convictions for assault, burglary and gun possession.

ORIGINAL POST: Two men in the Nissan Altima that allegedly fled from an Orinda police officer and crashed on Highway 24 Saturday – killing one man and tying up traffic for hours – were identified Monday by the Contra Costa County Office of the Sheriff.

In a prepared release, investigators said 20-year-old Lawrence Martin of Oakland died of injuries suffered in the crash. The driver, 20-year-old Danny Lockett of San Francisco, was subsequently arrested for felony evading causing death and a probation violation. He is being held without bail at the Martinez Detention Facility according to the sheriff’s office.

The investigation into the fatal crash, which police say was initiated when Lockett allegedly fled from an approaching Orinda police officer attempting to stop the car for traffic violations shortly after 9 a.m. Saturday, is being conducted by the District Attorney’s Office, Office of the Sheriff and California Highway Patrol.

It was not immediately known why Lockett fled from the traffic stop. Witnesses said the Altima was traveling at approximately 100 mph when it cartwheeled and crashed on Highway 24 across from Orinda BART.

Anyone with any information on this incident is asked to contact the Office of the Sheriff Investigation Division at (925) 313-2600. For any tips, please email: tips@so.cccounty.us or call 866-846-3592 to leave an anonymous voice message.


  1. Everyone here owes the victim an apology. He was an innocent passenger in the car who died. But people here and elsewhere were saying they were happy he died. The deceased didn’t choose to flee. Why are people like tihs??

      • What makes u assume that he wasn’t innocent when there was nothing negative said about him? Because its a young black man? This young man is dead and all you can say is “How do u know he was innocent” People perceive things in the wrong way not off of facts but off opinions and word of mouth. Sad as hell to see and hear!!!!!

        • What makes you assume he was black? This site didn’t say he was black. I didn’t say he was black. And I’ll call out sweeping assumptions of innocence when and as I see them. You weren’t in the car. I find these umbrage outbursts disingenuous and slanted. There are some basic facts to work with and consider here and I’m going with them though if you have pertinent information I’m listening.

          • Im %100 sure Lawrence Martin the 4th was a 20 year old black male that grew up in San Francisco CA. He resided In Oakland. He worked hard, he just had a son that is 11 months old. Just so happen to be with the wrong person on his way home. And that person didnt care about anything but himself and his freedom and made the decision to flee with the young man not giving him a chance to get out.

        • I can guarantee you that I would not “innocently” find myself in a car with someone who was wanted for probation violation. I really do get tired of the victim mentality. He made a choice to get into the car with his friend, was old enough to realize the type of person his friend was, and he paid for it with his life. You would think someone with an 11 month old child at home would make better choices. I am glad that no one else was hurt as it was highly probably given the circumstances.

          • So, do you do background checks on each of your friends and family members? Because if not, you don’t know that they are not wanted.

    • I don’t wish death on anyone. The apology should come from these two men, but one of them is deceased. Why do people enable criminals?

  2. I never realized this happened as often as it does until I started reading this site. I am amazed by the rate of occurrence and these speeds. We were so lucky others were not killed or injured. Just terrible.

  3. How are both men at fault when neither one of them did anything prior to being stopped. The driver chose to pull over then proceeded to keep driving with the passenger in the vehicle.”Big Mistake”. The passenger cant control what the driver is doing therefore once a pursuit is in action you cant/wont jump out of vehicle moving 60 mph or better…!!! 1 negligent driver and 1 innocent passenger and both families lost a child.

    • That’s sure one possible scenario. There are others. I’m not ruling anything out until we know more, though I agree the driver was in control of the vehicle and was pretty much in control of what happened. From experience, people usually run because they have a warrant they know the officer will find out about or because there is something in the car he doesn’t want the officer to see. I would like to know their movements prior to the stop – – it might explain some things.

    • About the only part of your statement I can agree with is that both families have lost a child in this. Everything else is just guessing.

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