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Armchair Detective Work: Lafayette PD Hoping To ID Car From Surveillance Photos

Photo: LPD

The boys and girls down in the crime lab at Lafayette PD are looking for a little consensus on nomenclature – Year/Make/Model – for this car, sought in connection with an auto burglary in their town on Nov. 20.

To be clear, this is for police use. They have had some luck identifying cars used in local crimes after putting photographic evidence out there for examination by NEWS24/680 Motor Heads, aka The Auto Detail, and you have come through in amazing ways in the past. 

The photos, as is often the case with photos made at night and under sub-optimal conditions, are a little blurry and that’s where you gear jammers come in.

Several of you really know your bumpers and taillight configurations, it seems, and at least one of you has used comparative imaging on a computer to nail an ID on a wanted car in the past.

So, have at it. You may be able to help a victimized neighbor. Good luck and 10-4.



  1. Looks to me to be a 2015 Volkswagen Touareg SUV. The 5 spoke wheel pattern fits the OEM wheels from that model year. The body line shoulders, tail light arrangement, rear marker reflectors, and hood character lines all match up. The only thing that is still questionable is the whether the C-pillar matches up. But I’m 80% confident in my guess.

    • @Bob – Can you be more specific, Bob? We’re joking, we’re joking, and quickly googling “C-pillars.” We seem to be swinging towards the Touareg here and on our Facebook page, as well. Thanks for pitching in!

  2. I’m tgerrible at cars but husband says its a volkswagen! I said the name everyone else has and he said yes! He said lets do more!

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