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Moraga Officers Tase, Pepper Spray Two During Attempt To Serve Arrest Warrant Friday


Two people were arrested after a protracted battle with Moraga police officers attempting to serve an arrest warrant at a residence in the 300 block of Rheem Boulevard July 14.

Officers went to an apartment in the area at 11:52 p.m. that evening to serve the warrant, police say, but encountered two subjects (41-year-old Angela Morris and 47-year-old Roy Morris) in the parking lot of the complex upon arrival.

The suspects, who police said were determined to be associated with the given location, immediately accosted the officers verbally and attempted to prevent them from serving the warrant.

Police said the the pair “continued to delay and obstruct the officers and ultimately became physically resistive and assaultive, engaging in an extended physical fight with the officers.”

Pepper spray and a Taser were eventually deployed by officers, police said. No major injuries were sustained by either the suspects or the officers and the suspects were booked for felony 69 PC (resisting arrest) with additional charges of probation violation on Roy and possession of methamphetamine on Angela. The case will be reviewed by the DA for charging, according to police.


  1. Question for law enforcement people. Do you think people are more likely to fight now for some reason?? It seems we are seeing a rise in these incidents. True????

  2. Thank you Moraga police officers! We support you! Sorry you have to put up with all these emboldened criminals, who have flourished in the last few years… as the judges and laws seem to always let them loose, and time after time do crimes and don’t go to jail. If it weren’t for the brave police officers we citizens would really be in trouble! Thank you again!

  3. Sabrina, while I’m not in law enforcement, I do believe that there’s definitely been an increase in the last few years of people fighting with police. I honestly think it stems from the last presidential Administration that seemed to always side with the criminals and always seemed to criticize the police. It has affected the way people think now. It’s a big shame because our heroes and blue are having a harder job and the thug elements in society now think they have a free pass.

  4. I’m not in law enforcement either, but is there an increase or an increase in exposure? I think it’s the latter.

  5. Raised in England and taught that “the policeman is your friend” I admit I was staggered by the number of incidents involving citizen violence on police officers in this country. I should also note that I was staggered by the number of police on citizen incidents, with two in the news today. This is extremely rare in my mother country and has taken some adjustment, something I am prepared to do to live here. But it is still very troubling to me.

  6. Free meth is cheaper than keeping these guys in prison. Let them destroy their lives in peace if they choose to, and remove their incentive to steal my stuff.

  7. Robert, we were raised that way here in America too. But in recent years, under the guise of ‘social justice’, criminals have been given a lot more leeway in this country. And it certainly has the cops on edge, as it has made their job a lot more dangerous, along with endangering of the rest of us citizens. But the uber liberals among us won’t have it any other way, especially in California were they run things. I just wonder if they’ll ever wake up.

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