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Gunman Pistol Whips Nanny In Orinda Home Invasion Tuesday; Steals Family Car


Lamorinda police are searching for the man who reportedly confronted a nanny working at a home on El Castillo in Orinda Tuesday, striking her with a handgun after ransacking the residence in view of a 5-year-old child before eventually taking the family’s black Porsche Cayenne.

Police said the assault, the second home-invasion robbery in Lamorinda in recent weeks, started when a black man described as 6′-tall, medium build, with short hair, approached the nanny as she raked leaves in front of the home while waiting for Karen Yim’s 5-year-old daughter to return from school.

Police said the suspect said something to the nanny she did not understand and the man left. Ten minutes later, after the child had returned home and had gone inside with her caretaker, police said the man returned, kicked in the front door, brandished a black handgun and demanded money.

Chief Mark Nagel said the suspect walked the nanny and the child through the home, opening drawers and at one point pistol-whipping the woman. The gunman took iPads, cash and car keys to the Yim’s 2012 black Porsche Cayenne (Lic. 6VMK320) – ultimately leaving in that car.

MOFD firefighters treated the victim for a head laceration at the scene.


  1. Wonder why crime has spiked? Early inmate release initiated and now taking place which was enacted by your favorite Politician for life – Moonbeam…and supported by the Emperor. Wake up East Bay and America!

  2. Terrifying.

    No excuse to NOT have security cameras covering your house’s entrances. Give yourself (and the community) an early Xmas gift and make a call today to get a system installed.

  3. This is scary. I hope the nanny and child are okay. Beefing up security is always a deterrent. I hear they’re thinking of forming a neighborhood watch. Security screen doors will prevent kicking in the front door, but the ugliness of the door will keep a lot of people from buying one. Go with SECURITY. In today’s society, it’s worth it. Prayers…

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