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“So, There WAS A Carjacking… AND That Residential Burglary…”


A little after the fact but confirmation of sorts that some stories we were working on actually happened or were at least recorded came when Lafayette PD updated their crime logs today, Tuesday, May 30.

We sketched out what we knew about a bad residential burglary (through a skylight, Mission Impossible-style? Really?) of a home in the 1100 block of Estates Drive when it happened May 22, and again when carjackers made off with a BMW from the parking lot at Safeway two days later, scaring the bejeebers out of two young victims.

But that pesky Cone of Silence descended shortly after we received the initial flurry of “What the hell just happened?” inquiries and our little crew looked at one another and muttered: “Oh oh, here comes the information blackout.”

And that was apparently the case as we endured the usual flurry of “how can you write about things without confirmation?” and “how come no one else is writing about this?” messaging from well-meaning people with absolutely no idea how things work these days.

Aside from the brief warm and fuzzy we get from knowing that incidents we first reported on a week ago were at least duly logged by the powers that be we can’t get much further into it as our inquiries go unanswered.

If you’re okay with that, you’re in luck. We’re not.


  1. I suppose it makes some sense to withhold information if the perps have not yet been caught, but why the secrecy if they have been apprehended and identified?

    • We’re unaware of custody status, Love.

      But we’d sure like to know. And we don’t live in Lafayette any more but if there was a carjacking in the middle of town we’d sure like to know about that, too. We’ve asked, but we’re beginning to feel like the jilted suitor.


  2. As you seem to be emerging as the de facto news news service for the area it would be nice if you could coordinate with police in order to streamline the release of critical information through your platform. I have been a subscriber for many months now and can say that your alerts are more frequent, informative, and pertinent than anything released by local police or civic agencies. Can you make this happen?

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