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Carjacking Reported In Downtown Lafayette Wednesday Night

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Two young women were reportedly set upon by two men, one of whom tackled one of his victims to the ground before taking their car at the Lafayette Safeway Wednesday night.

A description of the assailants was not immediately available.

An ambulance was summoned to the scene at 10:31 p.m. and one of the two women was reportedly treated for wounds received during the hijacking.

Reports that the targeted car, a white BMW SUV, was located on westbound Highway 24 and pursued into Berkeley could not be immediately confirmed as that pursuit is still underway (10:39pm).


  1. The moment I read the headline, I was expecting the story to continue to say ‘last seen through the tunnel’. But while those exact words weren’t used it had to happen as the car was in the Oakland Berkeley area.

  2. Was this a.m. or p.m.? Article says both.
    I can almost understand late at night… that’s becoming normal these days. But if it’s AM… it’s getting ridiculous

    • @Big Foot
      BigFoot? Our last information was that the car had made it into Oakland/Berkeley and possibly crashed, though we have been unable to confirm that. We have, unfortunately, been unable to confirm anything officially.

        • @BigFoot (love the moniker).
          Yes, thanks for recognizing the distinction.

          We’re getting a lot of offline information on this and other incidents and we were hoping to bounce that off someone in authority, so far without any luck.

          As a result, we’re going with the info we can confirm independently and will post more when we get it.

          Appreciate your interest,


  3. Did you see the Judge dropped murder charges against one of the guys who was in the gun battle that killed 1 year old Jasper WU. When you care more about murdering gang members than a child. Things will just be getting worse from here on out because we support and have more compassion for killers while ignoring the regular person. Any suspect descriptions?

  4. “When you care more about murdering gang members than a child.”
    Yeah, well, that’s not a thing. The real world has context.

    Assigning hateful motives to whatever you perceive as your opposition is not helpful.

    • It has everything to do with accountability. Dropping the charges and gang enhancements specifically meant for this type of situation and in the murder of a child know less requires some serious reflection. I don’t understand how you see the murder of a a one year old child during a freeway shoot out as anything but hateful. It is a real thing thats why you see more people fighting for criminals rights than helping children. Unfortunately delusional people who want the feel goods about “justice” are too selfish to look at the impact of their silly attitudes.
      And of course most people don’t even bother to look at the actual effects. Then again we could vote against zero bail and catch and release as a democracy, oh wait we did that and our governor went around the vote. Hence our crime issues. Also why these guys end up being multi time repeat offenders in multiple cases and on and on. As long as people are too lazy to hold people accountable for gang members killing a one year old due to gun battling on the freeway things will get worse and worse. A matter of context? Sorry, David, I only get my bologna from Italy.

      • I am not following this case, but the judge presumably ruled on the facts and the law. You impugned the judge with your quote, not the shooters.

  5. I recommend everyone purchase a scanner. It will open your eyes to both the amount of suspicious and overtly criminal activity that’s being reported/carried out in this county on a 24/7 basis; not to exclude the service to citizen calls. I think as residents of this county, it behooves us to become well informed and plan for the quality of life we want to have going forward. Also, consider this Mercury News article:


    • Thanks, Hank. Presuming you’re a user/listener. Has the trend toward encryption hampered your research?


    • Police scanners and NextDoor. I’m not sure that leads to “well” informed, but I did like your MercNews suggestion of an oath (or at least a focus) to serving all of the community. What we got now ain’t workin.

  6. As I’m not here as often in the past, all I have to say is…………………..Yippe Ki Yay, it’s the Wild West Out There Pardners. Always have your head on a swivel, make good decisions if confronted by criminals, support your police officers and view your local elected officials and judges with with suspicion.

    Firestone 11R

    • I hate to say it, but given the issues in Antioch, Oakland, alameda county etc., in my opinion police officers also need to be viewed with suspicion.

      • Sadly the larger geopolitical problems of lamorinda, and the surrounding 10 mile radius is a reason I moved away after being born and raised there. You just don’t see these things where the socioeconomic problems aren’t on such a large numerical scale, aka large urban areas where they have completely abandoned law and order and two parent homes. Sadly they become unmanageable and unsolvable.

        Mix that in with the insane virtue signaling of “Moraga stands against hate” and clueless lamorinda bubble residents who think that oaklands insane crime problem isnt coming for them, well here’s your result. Oaklands crime will continue to harm lamorinda residents, and the da will continue to let them go on cashless bail, and plea them down.

        If anyone remembers, we worried that the skatepark would bring undesirables to the area during that town council meeting.

        An interesting theory is that third party delivery apps exploding post 2019 for weed, restaurants, and instacart are exposing a once quiet unknown community to a lower socio economic class of people and in turn exposing small wealthy towns to opportunities for crime.

  7. I resemble that remark. I came to Moraga from that “lower socio economic class of people” that you disparage, and I, too, naively, stupidly proclaim: “Moraga stands against hate”.

    I guess you know better.

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