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Bicyclist Injured By Concord Hit And Run Driver Wednesday


Concord police are looking for the driver of a black 2015-16 Honda Civic which kept going north on I680 after striking a bicyclist at Diamond Boulevard and Willow Pass Road Wednesday.

The collision was reported at 9:44 p.m. Police closed the location of the crash for several hours Wednesday in order to facilitate their investigation.

The bicyclist, a 39 year old man, was transported to a nearby hospital and is listed in critical condition.

Police say the Civic should have extensive front end and windshield damage. The driver is described preliminarily as a female with dark hair.


  1. I wonder why it seems normal that people just flee the scene of an accident nowadays?
    Don’t they know it’s illegal, in addition to being inhumane in cases like this? Or could it be they are already wanted by the police on outstanding warrants or other illegal activity… or possibly trying to hide their drunk driving condition?. Either way it seems to be an epidemic nowadays.

    • Or could be DUI. We also don’t know the age of the person driving either. Maybe they just panicked and will turn themselves in soon. People do things they regret and hopefully the victim is OK.

  2. I went there last night the police had Diamond and Willow Pass almost closed off its crazy for stupid people to do this crap they actually act like they are above the law and actually think that they can get away with this nonsense I take it that stupidity must run in the family for people to flee the scene of a crime

  3. I have rode my mountain bikes on Concord roads for 35 years and was only hit one time as a guy jumped a red light before it actually turned green hitting my back wheel sending me flying with minor cuts and a shoulder injury that took years to heal. I’ve seen a big improvement in drivers on their phones as almost everyone I see now has a phone holder so it isn’t as bad as when everyone was holding their phone talking and trying to drive. I believe the cops have given up on pulling people over for talking because everyone is doing it….

  4. From Michael Clayton: “Cops like hit and runs. They work them hard and they clear them fast. Right now there’s a DCI unit pulling paint chips off a guard rail. Tomorrow they’re going to be looking for the owner of a custom painted hand rubbed Jaguar XJ12. If the guy you hit, if he got a look at the plates? It won’t even take that long.

    [the phone rings] ”
    No, it’s not the police. They don’t call.

    Sadly, anybody can panic in a moment when self-preservation instinct kicks in. What just happened? What did I do? The car just seems to effortlessly keep moving away.

    What do you do when the adrenaline subsides and rationale thinking returns? What is the right thing to do? And, then there’s the Michael Clayton probability that you are going to be held to account anyway. Do the right thing, even when it’s belated.

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