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Arrests On Locust Street In Walnut Creek Monday


Photos from scene of a Walnut Creek PD stop/detention of two alleged theft suspects on Locust Street this afternoon.

Police apparently were watching two female suspects and descended on them when they returned to their car. Police have yet to comment officially on the stop or arrest status of the two women.


    • That stereotype will never be eliminated as long as those type of women always carry bad attitudes and disrespect everyone around them.

      • I’m a black woman saying this is true. Young people do not understand you cannot disrespect other people’s property and have the nerve to think you should steal it instead of working for it.

  1. WCPD continues to impress on catching the bad guys. Must be getting known to Criminals as the place to get caught. Go to or go through Walnut Creek and your toast.

  2. Racist WCPD, targeting two nice women of color who were just shopping……that will be the narrative of the local media, politicians and DA.

    Nice work WCPD.

    Firestone 11R

    • @Jeff – Allow us to address your post: We would remind you that it was local media who made you aware of this incident, that it was you (and some others attempting to slip the usual 1920’s tropes past us) who mentioned the race of the women involved, and that we’ve seen WCPD and other local departments descend on people of all color with equal vigor. We don’t think it necessary to remind people that we cover the news, and that a street-smart photographer saw this situation develop and covered it to its conclusion. And we would have thought that a “Nice work, WCPD” from a former member of law enforcement would have been sufficient – rather than the usual attempt to slam a race, the media, and politicians who – to our knowledge – haven’t said a thing about this instance. But then, we’re still in that mode, apparently…

      • Aptly stated 24/680. Keep doing what you do best. Timely, and measured local news reporting based upon the information that you have in hand at the time.

        What transpires subsequently vis-a vis the criminal justice system is an entirely different process.

        I rely upon you folks to keep me abreast of the “doings” in my neighborhood. The commentary offered is entertaining at times, but when there are attempts to drive narrative with an agenda (and it occurs on both ends of the political spectrum), that is where the entertainment comes to a halt.

      • 24/680,

        With all do respect, and I’ve been impressed with your reporting, you do not have the market share of KTVU, the various affiliates of the major networks, The Contra Costa Times, The San Fran Chronicle, etc., I reference them when I mention local media.

        As per WCPD, they try their best under trying circumstances. As I tell my godson, the Orange County Deputy Sheriff, don’t help anyone, you’ll only get a reprimand, fired or arrested.

        Firestone 11R

        • “…you do not have the market share of KTVU, the various affiliates of the major networks, The Contra Costa Times, The San Fran Chronicle, etc., I reference them when I mention local media.”

          You’d be surprised… but thanks for the due respect!

      • I keep looking for the Like button. This site has more straight news than any legacy newspaper. Readers should be grateful that there are still reporters who don’t see their mission to be pushing a political agenda.

        • “Like button… LIKE button (swatting intern with antique newspaper) I told you we should have a LIKE button!”

          Actually, Love24, we have one of those on our Facebook page, just not on the main site. Most grateful for your words – especially the intern!

  3. Impressive spidey-sense of the photographer to follow the story and I can only assume “web-sling up” for a great shot.

    • Agreed, JB. He was playing it cool when he first checked in but we could tell he was onto something. Apparently, seeing the police deploy a spike strip behind the car while parked cemented it for him and he looked for a better position from which to film and… nailed it. They don’t teach you that kind of instinct in Journalism School!

    • Sarcasm? Do you have a trope to share to further popular mythology?
      Black History Month is a plea to rememberrrr. To edify.
      But, be we Black, White, or Orangutan Orange we don’t live in black history, do we.
      Old white men still make the history here. Until they don’t.
      And THAT is what the hysteria is all about. Demographic change. The inevitability of change.

      • At the bottom well intentioned.
        Now an overreaction that Both sides seem to have a moral panic regarding inequality, specifically racial inequality. it’s now become gaslighting and destabilizing, and most peoples worry, is the profound moral confusion regarding global civilization advances and progresses that people seem to lose site of.

      • Such a tribal belief that white people are afraid of being displaced or merely out numbered. Such an easy, uninformed way to go about life, assuming one knows what someone else is thinking. How about using your noggin for once and realize that what most people want are for others to act civil to one another. Be respectful. Don’t rob. Don’t steal. Dont throw trash out your car window. But some are just lazy and paint every situation in racial tones. So pathetic.

  4. Oakland PD should take note that this is how its done. I watched the video – sideshow in Oakland, Park intersection yesterday (KTVU.com), only three cop cars showed up and drove through the intersection to disperse. No street blockage or attempt to arrest the participating members. A bit pathetic.

    • With no police chief for a year and an anti-police mayor and city council, is it little wonder that Oaktown is falling apart. This latest attempt by Newsome to inject 120 chippies into the situation will be short term, the CHP is understaffed.

      Firestone 11R

        • Well, that’s not particularly persuasive, is it? Gangs are known to make sworn-oath requests or demands, and no one else knows who your “friends” are or what you are “sworn to do”. You should consider “getting sworn again”, very carefully.

  5. If they’re guilty, then I’m glad they’re caught. On Monday, I watched SFPD run down, on foot, two thieves in the Mission District. Made me feel good that the police didn’t give up, and all the business owners and the public stood rapt to see what would happen. Everyone gave the police kudos, cheering, clapping, etc. That’s what we need more of.

  6. What about the fences who buy the stolen goods? Rarely do we hear about these arrests. Eliminate the network of buyers of the stolen goods, eliminate the epidemic. We focus too far upstream, downstream is where the real solutions are.

  7. It’s sad. I am a Black/African American woman. I worked in Walnut Creek for 11 years in the same area where this situation happened. I never had any trouble because I don’t make trouble. Yet, people followed me sometimes in that area because they thought I was doing the same things these young women doing, stealing and I’m Black. I don’t steal. But these people who go out of their neighborhoods to commit crimes makes us all look bad. It’s hard enough to live down these stereotypes.

    • Hey, thanks for checking in, Sasha. Good post. The writer of this post happens to be white and we’ve been followed around stores and regarded suspiciously too, at times (don’t try going to a local park and be amused by the antics of local kids if you’re older and without kids – it’s like you have “Creeper” tattooed to your forehead!) Much of it is a sign of the times, we’re afraid. Thanks again!

    • Agreed Sasha. I always wondered how long Walnut Creek would be hidden and safe. I don’t ever recall my POC friends having problems in The Creek. Unfortunately, there were several riots and mass thefts with a large number of African Americans during and after Covid Lockdowns, so it’s fresh in folks minds. But I witnessed a white male fire off a gun on North Main recently – times change.

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