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Massage Appointment Goes Wrong In Concord Thursday

Concord PD Photo

A meeting for a massage in a Concord Motel went sideways for the masseuse Thursday evening when the intended client produced a handgun and demanded her money.

We Flashed what we had on this one as it was happening, police in Concord developing a description of a possible suspect vehicle leaving the scene of the robbery in the 4600 block of Clayton Road at around 6 p.m., officers attempting a traffic stop.

Concord PD Photo

The suspect proved slippery, allegedly fleeing from police and successfully evading initial capture. However, a short time later, residents on Walters Way called to report a car hitting a wall on their street – along with a man running away from the scene.

Officers set up a perimeter around the area and with the assistance of a police K9, found the individual hiding in a garbage enclosure.

The suspect, whose name was not provided, was to be booked into county jail, according to police. Both the victim and suspect were from out of the area.

Concord police offered “special thanks” thanks to residents on Walters Way and Lodge Drive for their assistance.

Concord PD Photo


      • LMAO sounds a lot like an eight year old discovering igpay atinlay.
        affinglay affinglay affinglay, except for the armed robbery part. I could be mistaken, but I don’t think you have ever had a loaded handgun pointed at you. Is Lmao truly your deep read of the situation.

        • He’s laughing at the comment, not the article. Not a “happy ending” -it was a meeting for a massage. Kick back bro.

  1. Safety in numbers. Everything we do can not be done alone. Let’s be careful out there. It’s becoming the wild west.

      • Armed robbery is not funny. But neither is doing “massage appointments” in motels, which is obviously prostitution. Stop doing the illegal acts and drawing the people with guns and this wouldn’t happen. She didn’t deserve to be held up at gunpoint, but the people who live around that motel don’t deserve to have that kind of thing going on and these kinds of incidents.

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