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Arrests Confirm Suspicions Highly Organized, Mobile Crews At Work In The 24/680

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Three people allegedly involved in the burglary and attempted burglaries of smoke shops, liquor stores and high-end retail stores in the 24/680 and elsewhere were arraigned in Contra Costa County Superior Court Wednesday.

The trio, unidentified by law enforcement officials, face charges of organized retail theft, second-degree burglary, grand theft, vandalism, and other alleged crimes.

The California Department of Justice said the defendants were part of a large crew involved in several high-profile thefts across the state, including several in Concord, Walnut Creek, and Dublin.

Justice Department officials said from September 8, 2023, until November 14, 2023, the crew committed approximately 25 commercial burglaries and attempted burglaries costing local businesses more than $650,000.

The highly mobile thieves allegedly broke through security doors and gates in the middle of the night while wearing dark clothing, masks, hoods, and gloves. They filled garbage bags with cigarette cartons, alcohol, and cash. In two instances the suspects stole ATM machines, one from an open Chevron gas station and the other from a closed smoke shop, according to the DOJ.

In nearly all the burglaries the suspects were interrupted by police response, fleeing in waiting vehicles and successfully evading law enforcement at high speed. On two occasions, the fleeing suspect vehicles hit patrol vehicles, one of which resulted in injury to an officer.

Incidents included:

October 3, 2023, suspects drove a stolen Land Rover through the front window of the Louis Vuitton store located in Walnut Creek at approximately 4:20 a.m. Approximately 10-15 men ran into the store and stole merchandise valued at $246,025.

October 18, 2023, the crew burglarized a Discount Cigarette shop in Dublin.

November 8, 2023, a crew of 6 to 8 suspects entered a Nordstrom in San Diego during business hours and stole several Chanel purses with a total value of approximately $120,000.

November 14, 2023, the suspects burglarized a smoke shop in Vallejo.

DOJ’s Special Prosecutions Section (SPS) is prosecuting the case against the trio of alleged crew members. Arrests were reportedly carried out by the Contra Costa FBI Safe Streets Task Force with help from Concord Police Department, Walnut Creek Police Department, Oakland Police Department, Brentwood Police Department, Tracy Police Department, and the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

According to a 2020 national survey, U.S. retailers lose approximately $700,000 per every $1 billion in sales to organized retail crime.


  1. Glad they caught them, they sound extremely brazen and dangerous – no doubt more innocent people would have got hurt or worse if they weren’t caught. Seems to be an organized crime ring, maybe use RICO?

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