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Quirky Scene Following Bank Robbery In Downtown Lafayette Wednesday


In the second (known) instance involving a Lamorinda bank Wednesday police descended on the area of Mt. Diablo and Moraga Road in Lafayette following a strong-arm robbery of the BMO bank branch at 3583 Mount Diablo Boulevard.

The suspect, preliminarily described as a light-skinned white or Hispanic male wearing a white A’s cap and a blue face mask, demanded and got money from a teller – along with a tracking device.

To make things interesting, the male robber apparently jettisoned the packaging containing the tracking device – only to have a passerby pick up the packet and walk away with it. She was located and confronted by police a short distance away from the bank.

The search for the robber goes on (4:33 pm) and the incident follows an armed robbery outside an Orinda Wells Fargo branch earlier in the day.


    • We have seen some interesting things happen with dye packs and trackers but it’s unusual to have someone pick one up after it has been discarded – and then have police converge on that person.

  1. I have a really novel solution that will quickly reduce these crimes being perpetrated on the public: Jail. Yes, jail!!
    While some will say that it’s cruel, isn’t it crueler to have innocent people hurt, victimized and traumatized. Why don’t we hear much about what victims are going through, and some of the lingering PTS & fear that they live with for quite a while afterwards?. I’d much rather see bad people locked up then good people suffer. If we kind of got it upside down now?

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