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The Orange Elephant In The Room



I thought my favorite news site might address the historic and long waited indictment of a person it has been critical of in the past but it doesn’t look like that’s happening, so I’m writing this while waiting for my train this morning.

For those who realize that JFK Jr. and James Woods are not actually running the country at the moment there will be a justifiable celebration of the first in a series of legal actions brought against a man who has managed to evade them for years before he managed to dupe 72 million willing participants to elect him their president.

And for those actual Americans embarrassed that a former occupant of the Oval Office had to be impeached TWICE; rallied his army of brain-dead followers to storm our Capitol like a cheerleader at a college football game; is still around despite losing the popular vote TWICE and has now become the first former president to be indicted, I hope you will all join me in a communal toast and expression of hope for a better future.

The country deserves it, and not the current crop of conspiracy theorists and illiterates who have – somehow – risen to positions of power.

While some measure of justice awaits Blobbo The Blotard we must remember those who saluted him and were complicit in his rise to power. Because as we wait for the wheels of justice to turn we should acknowledge the serious failures in our system that allowed a con man to ascend to the highest seat of power in the nation and take the necessary steps to ensure that it never happens again.


Robin Metzger/Walnut Creek


  1. Let’s be real here. Trump sucks, however this is a mistake because it does show the politicians it’s acceptable to weaponize the government. What trump did is frankly not nearly as morally bankrupt as Clinton destroying young barely out of college girls lives with his affairs and his teamate Hilary doing everything she can to demonize the poor women after the fact. The only big difference here is Trump wasn’t president when he did these things, he wasn’t using the power of his presidential position and the government to break the law. There are a number of presidents who should have been in criminal trouble after the fact for serious things but we do it for paying off a prostitute. OK. This so called prosecution just gets trump more followers, and makes the country look full of hypocritical people who would rather continue to hate the boogeyman trump more than they would like to make things better.This is the same reason you see him on the news continuously, because people rather hate a boogeyman and keep him popular, great choice people. I’ll end with the statement that if you think ol Joe has anymore integrity than trump and is somehow so different, you are lying to yourself. Just because you refuse to listen and hide from what Biden is actually saying is no excuse. I’ll sit back with my popcorn while the liberal media continues to popularize trump and further run the country in the ground.

    • Misogyny, racism, and white grievance are the core message. It is a message pitched to a core audience declining in years and in fresh, critical thinking. It is directed toward a violent outcome in service of a grifter preaching “I alone can fix it”.
      You don’t explicitly acknowledge any of that, and yet you assert that it would be foolish to oppose that. What kind of man offers pardons to the insurrectionists who violently stormed the Capitol grounds at his urging and injured more than a hundred law officers? In pursuit of what? Overturning a certified election.

  2. “The only big difference here is Trump wasn’t president when he did these things, he wasn’t using the power of his presidential position and the government to break the law…”

    Seriously? Where were you? I was sitting at work and at home watching this greaseball run my country into the ground… Remember: “I just want to find 11780 votes…” Who said that? HINT: It wasn’t James Woods, Meatball Ron or Hunter Biden’s Laptop.

    • It’s an AMERICAN local news site… it believes in Free Speech… it believes that its readers may exercise their right in that direction.


      • Fair enough; your house, your rules. Just offering a data point in support of the suggestion that national politics may not be the primary attraction for a fair portion of the audience here, and that at least some of us are more than fatigued with the Nellie the Elephant focus (“Trumpity Trump, Trump Trump Trump”) of the wider news media and have been for years now.

        • A bit broader than mere “house rules,” Alex.

          It must be said that various people and factions have attempted to limit our attention to a rather pressing – nay, EXTREMELY PRESSING – national issue of interest and concern to our readers by issuing “stay local,” or “stay in your lane” admonishments over the past several years.

          Admittedly, we have “compliance issues” and do not react well to attempts to limit our focus, but the interests of our readers and the country remain – and always will remain – our interest.


          • Whether it be local or national news focus, that distinction in and of itself does limit the readership’s right to express themselves on this platform. Time, place and manner always in play.

  3. The Trump indictment is of course bad. We have now obtained Banana Republic status where the rule of law is not enforced (this thing does not even meet the statute of limitations) but rather those in power will use that power for themselves. This is one reason I stopped voting Democrat, which is the takeover of what was my party by political crazies and some very bad people and policies. The Democrats have us at each other’s throats over pronouns, bathrooms, use of common words, and ramped up hatred over race, gender, ethnicity and anything else they can divide us by, and turning the presidential race into a personality contest. Prior to Covid (not Trump’s fault) and under Trump, was low inflation, relative international peace, low unemployment, and so on. Now, with the Democrats we have huge deficits even when not in recession, inflation, crime, increasing hate and division and now the personal use of government power to decide who will be on the next presidential ballot. To them, choosing the next president is too important to be left to voting which might include those who are brain dead, illiterates, easily duped, or complicit in choosing someone they don’t like, as the letter says.

  4. Bannon. Barrack. Broidy. Cohen. Flynn. Gates. Manafort. Nader. Papadopoulos. Stone. Weisselberg. Trump Org. Trump Charity. Trump U. Eastman. Clark. Meadows. Corcoran. Bobb. Nauta. DJT. The criminominoes start to fall.
    The first of many criminal and civil prosecutions for OrangeMan, but it has all been presaged by the criminal history of his crew. No one should be surprised at this.

  5. This is on a par with January 6, 2021 in tearing our country apart. Actions breed overreactions. Bill Clinton’s impeachment by Republicans was a similarly stupid partisan act, even though the Senate restored sanity.

    Can’t we all just get along? Apparently not as long as we can see only what we are shown by our own side. It isn’t what you don’t know that will hurt you: It’s what you know for sure that isn’t so.

  6. Limiting your focus? I would love this be a neighborhood site free of national politics. I guess that’s a big ask.

    • Isn’t the rule of law a local issue? We are not altogether separate and apart from book banning in Florida and the religious health rulings of a single, shopped-judge in one locality in Texas. Apparently it escaped your notice that this is a LETTER TO THE EDITOR, an unendorsed opinion piece. You know, freely expressed. You don’t have to read it or like it.

    • Yes, I agree with david and will add that my impression is that there is only a discussion like this about once every two to four weeks, so you would almost have to hunt for it to find something to complain about.

  7. Before reading, look up the drawing “Stable Genius” by Siegfried Woldhek, done in pen & ink, in October 2019.

    This caption seems to follow the illustration around, though I’m not certain if it has anything to do with the artist. It does resonate, however.

    “Talented and well-practiced in every vice, a stranger to compassion or empathy, a liar and a cheat so complete in perfidy that he has elevated his dishonesty to hold it up as an ersatz moral principle, violent, so long as he can order someone else to do the dirty work, grotesque in body, graceless in action, in possession of a wounded self-regard so colossal as to smother any spark of grace, treasonous, not only to country, but to every ally he has ever had, the poisoned fruit and rankest flower of racism and contempt for women, and utterly devoid of shame for his moral and spiritual bankruptcy.
    That is your leader. That is to whom you give your money. That is who you follow and laud. That is whose banner you willingly carry. Why? Because he is a mirror, not a lighthouse. You see yourselves in him. He is what you would be, if you had inherited money and could shed the last vestiges of conscience and shame.
    No, I do not “respect your choices,” nor do I admire your loyalty and dedication to this miserific, demoniac vision. You have demonstrated not only a lack of civic virtue, loyalty to the Republic and to the rule of law, but a willingness to engage in violence and sedition at his slightest expressed wish. And you will never, ever admit you were wrong.
    Because you see your dark, twisted, resentful dreams in him. And to renounce him is to renounce yourselves.”
    ~Advocatus Peregrini

      • Sorry, J.D. – that’s not going to happen. I will be sure to bring you coffee upon each and every visit, though.

        As for the ongoing commentary about the topic at hand; it’s still fascinating to me that, despite living in a bright blue island in a reddish/purple-ish sea (Asheville North Carolina), people here are at least (generally) polite about it all! MAGA extremists and Hippies and everyone in-between still hold doors for one another and strike up friendly conversation in the grocery store. In fact, it’s expected.

        I think many have forgotten (or never knew?) the solution has always been, and will always be, somewhere in the middle.

        • Fulchers –
          Glad you’ve found your patch of green. Forgive us for trying to lure you back – we’re recruiting smart people.

    • Yes, please come back as as example of what conservatives are up against. Yours is an essay completely devoid of facts or content, just pure character assassination. Show me where I am wrong on that. It’s like a feather toy to a cat, all focus is only on the feather. Biden’s economic and social agenda is making us much worse off, and all your attention is on the feather. Personally, I’d rather not have nuclear war or inflation.

      • Your talk of misdirection is so ironic. You talk as though we don’t know who this reprehensible man is, this woman grabber, this xenophobic narcissist, this “good people on both sides” racist. This pathological liar. This con man running scams and family corporations convicted of financial fraud. You talk as though we lack “facts or content” when he has been operating ineptly in plain view in front of us for years! Years! Losing court case after court case where facts matter as opposed to what matters in TV performances. Many cronies are being/have already been sentenced to jail. The Fox propaganda channel has been exposed in sworn depositions for selling a big, dangerous lie, and I do mean $elling.

        Yes, the former guy deserves a defense in his criminal and civil cases, but telling us that we don’t see what has been right in front of us for years is not credible!

        Everything else in your post is misdirection. False emergencies and false choices. A candidate tells you “I alone can fix it”, no inflation, no war, and no Muslims or people from sh!&hole countries, and you believe that because he promises?

        You stated previously that you were once a Democrat. How is that in any way relevant when you defend this would-be strong man who attempted in plain view to overturn the 2020 democratic election, not once, but repeatedly, as the evidence will show in court, where evidence matters.

        Make Attorneys Get Attorneys

        • David: we’ve probably already spent too much ink on this for now, but I do want to point out that your earlier criminominos imagery was hilarious.

  8. I’m confused why some people don’t want this discussed here, it’s kind of a big deal. Personally I’m waiting for Georgia to do something, and hopefully he will be held accountable for his actions that led to Jan.6th, one of the darkest days in American history. And not only does he not regret what happened on Jan. 6th, he embraces it, celebrates it, and now seems to be encouraging more of the same. This has to stop. Trump couldn’t care less about our country, he only cares about himself. Why his supporters can’t see this is beyond me.

  9. So often we see comments on here demanding that people be arrested and charged with a crime. I guess that attitude only applies to certain people.

  10. Don’t want to talk about the Rule of Law, the Constitution, Basic Human Rights and the future of the country?

    Yea that sounds about right, this is ‘Merica after all.

  11. “In fact, January 6 was a separate war unto itself, a war for America’s democracy, a war irresponsibly instigated and prosecuted by the former president, his political party allies, and his supporters. Both wars are raging to this day…” Judge J. Michael Luttig

    Yes it was Judge, and any attempt to silence discussion of the topic is an attempt to silence the American people on the most important topic before them since the Civil War. The actual civil war. Let no one silence us.

    • Sometimes one can understand a process in terms of another example. In the dictatorship of Venezuela, Maduro late last year jailed the major opposition candidate claiming among other things conspiracy to work with the US to have him overthrown. Many of the leaders of Maduro’s opposition live in exile in other countries such as Spain, and in January of this year Maduro had the courts issue international arrest warrants against them for treason. Now, to understand New York, change the name of Maduro to “Democratic operatives” and you see the attempt to turn the US into a Banana Republic. The frustrating part is how willing so many are to go down this path where pollsters find that so many support the charges against Trump even while fully admitting it is political only and has nothing to do with justice.

      • pollsters? pollsters? We don’t need no stinking pollsters, amigo.

        We have elections, certified elections, right here in America, and the people of Wisconsin have clearly spoken. An 11% key victory in an evenly divided state. Wow! People are upset! Motivated against extremism!

        And, the Manhattan grand jury has spoken.

        And, the Atlanta grand jury is clearing its spit valve, preparing to trumpet a new dawn for a new day. More unpardonable state charges.

        The federal stolen documents case proceeds apace with the final witnesses now on the docket, even as the thief continues to confess almost daily that the documents he stole somehow belong to him. That’s akin to a bank robber confessing that once he smuggled out the money, it was his! “It’s mine!”

        These next 2 indictments may proceed at a faster pace to trial than the sex coverup case, though fortunately, that will remain emblematic throughout. The documents case is inherently simple, and the Atlanta speedy-trial process is quicker than Manhattan’s, so I hear.

        • You have very different interpretations of facts than I do. You see the numerous investigations of Trump as evidence he is a criminal, while I see it as evidence of political persecution, hence my reference here to Banana Republics. When I am so thoroughly lied to and manipulated by the media and Democrat politicians, I change my opinion about their credibility. For example, the initial showcase was the Mueller Russia Collusion investigation which found no Russia collusion but just generated lots of headline grabbing innuendo and character assassination. That makes me not trust their multiple follow ups without significant evidence, and having a NY D.A. with a full time staff with the professional goal of getting Trump destroys their credibility. All of that expensive legal talent just to do the paperwork gymnastics to twist a misdemeanor into multiple felonies. Maduro should have been hired as a consultant.

          • “You have very different interpretations of facts than I do.”

            That’s what it comes down to doesn’t it? The right wing sees an orange figurehead they can build a political platform around while the left sees an overly tan con man good at bilking his followers.

            The right learns Clarence Thomas secretly accepted lavish luxury travel and other perks from a billionaire businessman/GOP donor, in apparent repeat violation of ethics law, and shrugs – “They’re just friends.”

            While the left looks at the case and says a Supreme Court Justice has sold out, with his “best friend” parroting the same right wing talking points as the man paying for their trips and elevating suspicion that a judge who refuses to recuse himself from cases near and dear to his host’s heart has been bought and paid for.

            I know how I choose to interpret those facts.

          • I doubt you even know any conservatives, so don’t believe all you hear in whatever leftist media. In my case, if Thomas did what I just read, I’m more than happy to have him censored or removed from the Supreme Court or whatever is appropriate. Actually I think they should all have term limits of a decade or so, but that is another matter. Sorry not sorry your preconceived beliefs that you know all about people you don’t talk to didn’t pan out here.

          • Since we all agree, let’s alert the Supreme Court ethics committee to these alleged improprieties, altogether.

            “Let’s alert the Supreme Court ethics committee to these alleged improprieties”…Oh, wait.

          • Creepy black robes to project status, lifetime appointments, immense influence over things that don’t impact them, secrecy. Hey, what could go wrong.

  12. I’m just trying to imagine the Karmic convulsion that must come when you spend most of your so called political life leading “Lock Her Up” chants, peddling “Lock Her Up” T-shirts and telling your opponent your going to “Lock Her Up” when in fact your the one arrested and arraigned in a court of law.

  13. Let’s hope for fewer cameras and helicopters for the second and third indictments as the novelty wears off, and the slow and deliberate humdrum of multiple court proceedings with reams of damning evidence grinds on into 2024 and beyond.

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