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Comes The Dawn – Finally


Those of you up with us in the “Wheeee! Hours” are up or catching up with the night’s events.

Our Flash Master was sending out Flash Alerts in record number after a man allegedly broke into a home on Roxanne Lane in Lafayette and confronted one or more persons inside, arming himself with a kitchen knife and making some pretty dire threats.

That, of course, was enough to bring the local gendarmerie on the run and, pretty soon, that normally quiet part of town was swarming with police and abuzz with concerned neighbors wondering what the Flip Wilson was going down.

A second sighting of the individual, shoeless and in shorts but on a bicycle and apparently pumping some adrenalin, drew police to Carol Lane and Mount Diablo as officers shifted their attention to that area, a drone went up and the search intensified until it was eventually determined the suspect had slipped out of the cordon.

The suspect may have burgled the home home in violation of a prior restraining order.

While that was happening a rather large fight broke out at county jail and Concord PD rolled up on three suspected catalytic converter thieves near El Molino, taking them into custody at gunpoint after they reportedly scattered at first sight of a police cruiser.

More Flashes went out after gunfire was reported in Bay Point followed by a flurry of residential and commercial burglaries.

All that before sun-up and we’re apparently following renewed police activity in downtown Lafayette (unrelated to last night’s, uh, this morning’s incident…) and we struggle to keep the lid on our respective towns and cities while keeping the citizenry informed.

We’ve said it before, but you may want to Get the Flash!


  1. Really????? Do you want me to use some western slang? When you release criminals early, don’t prosecute to the full extent of the law or at law, what should the public expect. Hey, they voted for this.

    Firestone 11R

        • Now that sounds dire.

          Transfer? Relocation? Cessation of ties with Leftist, Tesla-biased, Right Wing, dubious band of tree-hugging Incel Journalists?

          You don’t have to say, of course, we know you’re bound by provisions of Special Executive Order 301…

    • Not just the DA…dozens of felony cases dropped in cococo in 2022 (and counting) due to officer misconduct. Those lucky criminals are still out there doing what they do thanks to a broken system.

      • Funny: the criminal can be blatantly misconducting in all ways but they are let go if the officer does one misconduct. Why, I think if the officer even had a frown on his face during the encounter, that would be considered misconduct. We’ve gotten crazy folks, and we can see the results. And it ain’t pretty and it ain’t getting better until we come to our senses.

    • What Jeff says is absolutely true!
      But a lot of people don’t like the truth because it disproves some of their social philosophies that they’ve been pushing.

  2. Birds flying high, you know how I feel
    Sun in the sky, you know how I feel
    Breeze driftin’ on by, you know how I feel
    It’s a new dawn
    It’s a new day
    It’s a new life for me, yeah
    It’s a new dawn
    It’s a new day
    It’s a new life for me, ooh
    And I’m feeling good

    At 3 PM March 30, 2023 I raised the flag. It’s a new beginning.

    • Celebrated with my roommates. Made a great meal, drank some great wine, toasted our country and expressed the hope that we were finally on the road to recovery again. LOCK THEM UP!

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