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Are We Done With COVID-19?


Our president has declared our struggle against COVID to be over. I would like to put that to your readers and see if they feel this is the case.

I know this site was personally impacted by the pandemic and I have listened as others related their experience with the virus. Although friends and family have fallen ill I appear to have escaped infection – a fact for which I will be forever grateful.

After the anticipated spike earlier this year the World Health Organization’s statement that the worst appears to be over and the number of people dying has dropped to the lowest number since March of 2020 I have to wonder if it’s time to declare victory, if you can call it that. I know we’ve lost a lot of people here and around the world.

Despite official proclamations I am still seeing people reporting COVID symptoms and some of them going to the hospital. I’d like to know if people think we are done, or if we’ll ever be done with this virus.


Matt Kelleher/ Walnut Creek


  1. Covid is here to stay, but it’s time to move on. The worst is behind us. Unless you want to get stuck with the sky is falling mentality.

  2. It was a scam the entire time and destroyed many small businesses over little more than the common flu. Long past time to declare it over.

    • No…and…No. It is STILL a leading cause of death in this country and world-wide. People suffered. People are suffering. Small businesses have suffered terribly. Nobody wins in this “discussion”. Today is much different from 2 years ago, but don’t make stuff up. Better today, after vaccines, does not mean that those abnormal, hideous, suffocating deaths yesterday didn’t happen.

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