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Letters: The Doctor Will See You Now



Much has been and is being said about the state of our health care system, apparently stressed by our current COVID crisis. Our ability/willingness to cope with a health emergency is being tested I am told, with health care workers, ambulance personnel and other first responders affected as many experience symptoms and are forced into self isolation and citizens are no longer able to count on established health care practices.

Would this site be willing or able to get a credible assessment of our current level of preparedness? I am left to rely on second hand accounts of experiences friends or neighbors are having and it sounds like we are in for a rough time ahead. My beloved cleaning ladies are canceling due to COVID exposure, stores are having a difficult time getting or keeping workers and our neighbors are reporting long waits for doctor or dental appointments.

It would be good to know where we stand as the issue has become increasingly politicized and muddled. Are you able to perform this sort of task? I think some solid answers would be critical to our collective sense of well being at this time.

Many thanks for all that you do,

Andrea Koster/ Walnut Creek


  1. As usual we’d be most interested in hearing from any first responder, emergency room physician or nurse, or qualified health care professional willing to address our current readiness/response status.

  2. I think health care has been stressed. I see confusing back and forth announcements on masking requirements and was told my doctor couldn’t see me for 8 months due to caseload. Ran into an ambulance crew at my coffee shop and asked them how they were doing – they looked tired and stressed. Anything beyond that all I can say is I’m hanging in there, getting my shots and trying to stay healthy.

  3. It feels like a never ending pandemic. My first.
    Health care system was already a mess. This adds impossible stress.

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