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Police Investigate Reports Of Explosions, Gunfire In The 24/680 Tuesday


In an unsettled night and apparent return to less peaceful norms 24/680 residents reported fireworks and possible gunfire on area roads and freeways Tuesday night, police finding bullet casings in Walnut Creek and evidence of large pyrotechnics use in Pleasant Hill.

Photo: Police search for telltale bullet casings after reports of shots fire from a car in Walnut Creek Wednesday.

Officers responded to locations in Pleasant Hill and Walnut Creek, searching the Treat Boulevard overpass above Interstate 680 and reportedly finding casings left after shots were fired from a vehicle earlier in the evening.

There were no reports of injuries or damage as of this writing (12:33 a.m. Wednesday).


  1. We’ve raised an entire generation of sociopaths who only care about themselves. For some reason it is amplified in the Bay Area. Better “git while the gittin’s good!”

  2. The fact that Governor Newsom released 20,000 inmates from prisons over the past two years has something to do with the trend I’m sure.
    This was one of the reasons many of us wanted him recalled. We weren’t being mean or vindictive just alarmed at this and the direction he put the state into.

    • Wait. Is Mr. French Laundry still Governor? I thought he was recalled because of that “weakening economy” you cited LOL. But seriously, “many of us” wanting him recalled is not so many after all. It is really just the want of a shrinking minority. Go ahead, recall him again and toss another couple HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS into the wind.

  3. OK, something more politically correct for our editor. When you release thousands of inmates early, have a lax criminal justice system, what else should you expect. 108RS

      • My “tude” is huge when it comes to law enforcement. You should see how I laid in on the WCPD Facebook page. Rally pushed around a couple of retired WCPD officers. They just don’t have the experience I do, maybe some officers from Oakland do. 108RS

  4. Keith this has been happening a lot for the last 2 years, Canyons, Oakland Hills, Lafayette by deerhill, and I know there are a few other places and these are just ones notified by news 24 680. Lawlessness. Makes you think twice about restricting regular citizens right to protect themselves when you got yayhooo’s out shooting in public late at night presumably when they are liquored to the bone. Going to out on the worlds tiniest limb here and say this are not legal gun owners out there, and this should give you an idea of just how many illegal firearms there are and why people are against restricting regular citizens when you are unable to restrict criminals (or refuse to prosecute them). I’m not sure of the solution. I’m just glad I’m not an officer getting called out to deal with people shooting off firearms in illegal places. Can you imagine having to answer that call.

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