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Auto Burglars Targeting Cars Even When Drivers Are Present

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The thief’s game of stealing your purse or whatever else they want from your car has escalated, apparently, with cases arising where they no longer wait for you to leave your vehicle before striking.

In the past, victims might return to their car from lunch or a movie to find their windows smashed and belongings taken. Now, it seems, thieves are smashing car windows and taking items with the driver is pumping or paying for gas nearby.

Once such crime occurred tonight, Tuesday Dec. 28, in Concord at a gas station on Oak Grove Road when a fleet-footed thief smashed the window of a woman’s car and stole her purse while she was filling up.

The victim was reportedly unhurt but startled, and could only watch as the thief carried off her purse to a black car, which was last seen speeding out of the parking lot.

The latest theft comes on the heels of another recent incident at a gas station on Oak Park Boulevard at Hook Avenue in Pleasant Hill, when a woman who had been asked to pay for her gas at the cashier’s office returned to her car in time to see a man smash her window and attempt to access the interior –  with her child inside.

Horrified, she ran back to her car and watched as the thief ran – empty-handed – to an “older black sedan” and escaped.

Hard to defend against, we know, but you may want to be aware so you can be prepared should you find yourself in a similar situation.


  1. Criminals are emboldened now! They know they won’t go to jail for most crimes anymore. We have a DA that says she won’t prosecute for people stealing out of need, and add that the 20,000 inmates sprung from California prisons in the last 2 years…. and the “place is crawling with them”.

    • “We have a DA that says she won’t prosecute for people stealing out of need”. Really? On what occasion did she make an ignorant, scofflaw pledge such as that? You are the Lost Cause.

    • Our politicians in California have abandoned its citizens, creating a perfect storm for an incredible increase in crime over the next few years. With companies leaving California in droves, the release of thousands of inmates due to Covid, Grand Theft limit increased from $1K to $3K to be considered Grand Theft; punishable as a felony, and “do not pursue” laws preventing a store owner from chasing down a thief, you have to ask yourself “who’s side are our politicians on?” We are in dark days in California…

      • Go find those green pastures. Go find that hollow where your hollered voice echoes back to you. We will fix the problems here.

        • david,

          The solutions that Jerry Brown, Newsome, Pelosi and others have imposed on California and Chicago are not working, perhaps a 180 degree turn is in order. It should be coming from the Supreme Court this spring, learn to love it. 108RS

          • “Jerry Brown, Newsome, Pelosi”
            Elected to lead and re-elected, re-elected, re-elected. Mr. Brown was elected Governor FOUR times. A recall election costing several HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS of taxpayer money failed BIGLY to remove Newsom. You are the shrinking minority. The hypocrisy of angry white men who give lip service to democratic principles until democracy no longer serves them has been exposed. You, on the other hand, have declared that you are above the law. You don’t pretend to believe in democracy or the rule of law.

  2. Always have a can of pepper spray with you. Use good judgement when a situation arises, remember, there is no permanent damage done so lawsuits will be minimal if things go poorly. 108RS

    • Lawsuits? Pffft! When talking justice, former officer from LA Kickass station, shouldn’t we all be carrying hand cannons or automatic rifles, legal or not, for maximum protection? I mean, if we ALL want to be safe. Especially those of us who are above the law, as you claimed to be. Are some more equal than others?

      • david,

        I can’t give that recommendation right now, the Bay Area Sheriff’s are quite restrictive on issuing CCW’s. But, SCOTUS is hearing a case that should settle that issue. Should a favorable decision be made, I would also suggest at least a 40 hour training course before toting the hand cannon around town. Me, HR218.

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