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Letters: “What Gives You The Right?”



Like a whole lot of other people in Richmond, San Pablo and El Sobrante over the weekend I was among those awakened by a endless loop of high volume techno dance music playing non stop from Saturday night into Sunday morning.

Like many of those people I went outside and then got into my car to look for the source of the noise, which was constant and embedding in my head – tiss tiss tiss tiss – for hours, with no sign of a break until about ten on Sunday morning.

I was unable to find the offending sound system but have since learned that it came from stacks of high volume, high decibel amplifiers loaded into pickup trucks and parked at a location on Richmond Parkway – where it was cranked up and turned loose on thousands of unsuspecting people living in a SIX MILE RADIUS.

For HOURS. Without a break.

As we know now the music was started by people holding a birthday party for a twenty year old kid. Of course this type of thing is ILLEGAL and a violation of the noise ordinance with fines and jail for people found in violation. But even (Richmond) Mayor Butt and the police were unable to find the source until people came forward the next day, giving the name of the organizer and the location.

Although I know the mayor and his family were also disturbed by the volume and length of this music and HUNDREDS of people complained about it on social media I don’t believe ANY PUNITIVE ACTION WAS TAKEN – which I find unbelievable.

Because it appears this sort of thing can and probably will happen again and the existing noise ordinance has no power over it I would just like to say:

Hope you had a happy birthday you little (censored).


Rosalie Hernández/ El Sobrante


  1. The city certainly has the ability to make an example of whoever was in charge of this production. If they choose not to then this type of behavior will continue. Just like the sideshows. Your move Mayor.

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