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Extended Pursuit Of Stolen Truck Comes To Abrupt Halt In Orinda; Suspect Escapes On Foot


A man wanted in connection with the theft of a Chevy Silverado pickup truck led police from multiple jurisdictions on a wild chase along much of the 24/680 before his vehicle – running on metal rims after its tires were flattened by police – caught fire and burned at the Wilder offramp in Orinda.

A search for the suspect, described only as a black male, 50 to 60-years wearing a “puffy” jacket and beanie-type hat, is underway (9:27 p.m.) in the area.

Local police and California Highway Patrol officers are searching the area after receiving reports of a man running from the burning truck, which was eventually totally engulfed. He was reported last seen running west towards the Caldecott tunnel.



  1. Idk, is a freeway offramp really in any town? Is it IN Orinda? He wasn’t getting pie at Nations or a drink at the 4th Bore. I think this was more of a crime at the drive thru.

    • Hmm, well, dunno… but Orinda PD seemed to be taking it pretty seriously! And no one was stopping to measure off distances and boundaries!

  2. And, here’s a tip. If you are ever drunk or high, don’t fall asleep at the drive thru cause the POHleez will kill you certain when you awake. It’s what they train for.

    • We have seen folks fall asleep or lose consciousness with pistols or other potentially offensive weapons in their laps. And, you know, you grab for the last thing you were handling when you come to or are roused from a deep sleep so we would guess police train for that eventuality. But not if you’ve splattered a taco all over yourself – though we all know strange things have happened. And what’s with all these folks falling asleep in the drive-thru lane lately? That HAS been happening a lot…

      • You’ve had pictures of people asleep in their cars before. I kind of think they are just overworked and tired but really think its this potent new round of drugs we’re seeing lately.

    • Yeah, we had a two hour class on this at the academy. But, don’t forget to mention getting thrown out of the family party for punching out two of your relatives first. 108RS

      • Hey, it was just that one Thanksgiving and Aunt Sadie threw the first punch – she’s pretty feisty for a 92-year-old. Cousin Ernie lost a tooth…

      • How do you run thru that tunnel being seen or hit… any time of day? Yet I can’t imagine him running over the top of the mountain either.

          • I have a video of this, I was behind him as he was driving. He was trying to run to Oakland from cops

          • It was, by all accounts, pretty sporty out there, Alexis. Glad you made it unscathed. We’re sure our readers would like a glimpse of your vid if you care to send it…

  3. I literally have a video of this. I was behind him & he almost caused so many accidents all the metal from his rims were flying back to other cars , he asked for a ride and I continued. I kinda knew what was going on I seen chp going the opposite way with their lights on. It was so crazy. He almost crashed so manny times loosing control of the truck .

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