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Two Dead, One Injured In Sunol Crash Friday

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Two people were killed and a third person critically injured in a crash on northbound I680 south of the Andrade Road offramp in Sunol early Friday morning.

Crews found a vehicle believed to be a Tesla had left the road, firefighters determining that two adult occupants were dead inside while a third, believed to be a juvenile, had been critically injured.

The crash was first reported at approximately 3:45 a.m. with the two victims declared deceased at the scene and the juvenile transported to Children’s Hospital in Oakland.


    • Ray Ray had been abusing his alleged wife their entire relationship. He called her daughter his own. In his rage, he intentionally crashed the car. Murder-suicide. The child was injured and will have to live with what she experienced for the rest of her life.

    • The survivor was a child. She has stitches (which will be a scar) that will stay with her forever. She definitely needs all the prayers. She witnessed domestic violence and a murder. As a community, we need to be vocal about stopping domestic violence.

      • I believe Chelly grabbed the steering wheel trying to force him to stop. Knowing the car would wreck but they would survive. Her BD had wrecked her car a few years before and walked away. She underestimated the outcome.

  1. Rest in paradise rayray and chelly I can’t believe this is real I love you bakki I’ma miss you so much

  2. R.I.P bruh we been through some shit and was there for one another.now you aren’t here. May god look over panda and both of your families.

    • Ray Ray intentionally crashed to cause harm and it resulted in death. A murder-suicide. As a community, we need to be more vigilant when it comes to domestic violence.

      • There is no official report on this accident. @sav stop spreading such toxic rumors, you were not in the vehicle!
        Ray has a 9 year old son and would NEVER commit suicide.
        Her daughter actually stated that Michelle grabbed the wheel and caused the accident!!!

  3. So Ray’s candle light will be Saturday the 8th at the crash sight at 2pm everybody come out n show love

    • To God we come and Surely to God we must return, so sorry to hear this tragic news, when I think of you I smile thinking of your beautiful eyes, I love you cousin, may we .eat again

  4. Even in death people are in denial . The man driving wasn’t a good person in general . A registered sex offender , in and out of prison , dangerous and combative within the community . Majority of his life was chaotic & a family that enabled him his entire life – drugs , sex & envy was this persons life, inadequate only means was using women , the above commenter knows nothing , his son never has been cared for by him , his wife was his mother , supporter and alley . It is unfortunate the above commenter is blinding themselves that the “claiming as his own “ rectified the abuse her mother endured by this monster , the wife pulled the wheel due to the idiot taking his hand off the wheel, this is a public forum – those with sense search his name so you can see the kind of person this man was he was a menace to society & his family can stop acting as if he wasn’t. Raymond White.(how a person lives is how he does everything)

    • Why do you and other ppl keep talking about a man who’s deceased. There are families who are grieving. Continuing to speak about situations that you weren’t involved in or know nothing about makes you look desperate for attention. Shut your mouth if you don’t have anything positive to say.

  5. The lies people tell . Smh. The man was a monster – and an enabling family. Search his name , he’s on the registry . He was a menace to society , don’t let this RIP fool you.

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