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Shooting Reported At Sun Valley Mall Friday


One person was hit and seriously wounded when gunfire broke out at Sunvalley Mall in Concord Friday, frightened customers scattering and ducking for cover – many huddling inside shuttered stores until police arrived.

A large number of heavily armed police were dispatched to the mall at 3:44 p.m. in response to reports of a shooting. Officers located one person who had been shot and he was transported to a local hospital where he was listed in critical but stable condition. Initial investigation found that there was a robbery of an individual inside the mall with one of two suspected gunmen shooting a person attempting to assist the robbery victim before they fled from the mall.

Police descended on the scene, going store to store and releasing huddled groups of shoppers who had sheltered in place in nearby businesses after the shot was fired.

Electronic media received from the scene show a chaotic scenario apparently stemming from the lower level of the mall on the JC Penney side, apparently near the Food Court. At least two people were stopped and detained at gunpoint in the moments after the shooting though their connection to the incident could not immediately be determined.


  1. Sorry to read this, but should anyone be surprised. This must make shooting number 5 at Sun Valley for 2021. Yippy Ki Yay. 108RS

      • And apparently not a problem for the Wyatt Earp who shot the 14 yo in a changing room who was trying on dresses for her quinceañera. He is immunized from accountability regardless of judgment or competence. He will be just fine.

        • Yea… that was a big gun. I assume that was her mother we heard screaming after he saved one person from beaing beaten with a bike lock and then claimed an innocent life – understanding that he didn’t know she was in there. We haven’t figured out this whole bullet thing yet have we? Seems so simple.

        • He surely understood that bullets from a rifle don’t just drop to the floor at twenty feet or even after entering the first body they encounter. But, the dead girl and the screaming mother. Not his problem. Just following procedure.

        • Now, replay that scenario in a mall setting with 20% of the shoppers armed and having 0.1% of the training of officer “Hold up, Hold up Jones, Hold up, Hold up” who didn’t hold up. More guns, more bullets, and little to no training does not give a better result.

          • david,

            You’re just guessing at the outcome. I’m in favor of 40 hours of training before granting a CCW. But, liberal cities and states pushed too far and now SCOTUS will likely grant CCW’s to all with no training. Just wait till May 2022. Me, HR218. 108RS

        • He did not shoot at her, she was hidden, a terrible tragedy. The call went out as active shooter which means bringing out the patrol rifle, his handgun round may not have penetrated the door. You need to use some common sense on these incidents. 108RS

      • Imagine if 20% of the shoppers were armed with 0.1% of the training of officer “Hold up, Hold up, Jones, Hold up, Hold up” who didn’t hold up. More guns, more bullets, little to no training…this is not a scenario that leads to better results.

  2. I live close to the mall and heard a huge amount of first responders this afternoon. We usually brush that off to freeway accidents but this was a sustained response. We had no idea what was happening but this is becoming a regular occurrence at the mall. Between the shootings and the food court closures, it’s hard to find a reason to go.

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