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Martinez Man Surrenders In Connection With Walnut Creek Homicide; Two Others In Custody


An 18-year-old Martinez man wanted in connection with the fatal shooting of a Concord delivery driver found dead in his car in Walnut Creek last Thursday turned himself in to police on Saturday, authorities said.

Dylan Baker was booked into Martinez Detention Facility on suspicion of the murder of Stacy Corley, a 25-year-old DoorDash driver he suspected of cutting him off while Baker was driving with several friends near Walnut Creek BART, according to police.

Police said the chance, fatal encounter took place after someone riding in Baker’s SUV accused Corley of a traffic infraction, Baker allegedly responding by rolling up on Corley after the delivery driver rolled his window down to extend his middle finger and firing several shots at him.

Baker faces charges of murder and firing into an occupied car. If convicted, he could be sent to prison for 50 years to life.

Investigators said the case against him will be presented to the Contra Costa County district attorney’s office for review. Two others believed to be in the car with him that night, Martinez resident Jaesin Collado, 22, and a 17-year-old boy, were taken into custody early in the investigation but have been released.

Baker’s surrender came more than a week after the fatal shooting, which stunned many in the community. Officers responding to reports of shots fired at about 11 p.m. on June 17 located a Hyundai near the Target store at North California Boulevard and Ygnacio Valley Road and found Corley, 25, dead inside.

Investigators tracked a vehicle with Oregon license plates they said was involved in the shooting to a home in Martinez, where police said they served a search warrant and took the two initial suspects into custody.


  1. Was this a drug deal gone wrong? That is a case behind so many of these shootings.
    I still can’t understand how so many people can think the drug dealing is a victimless crime. And now all the drug dealers have been let out of jail so I think business is going to boom….. With sex related incidents increasing, not to mention the personal toll on so many homeless who the drug dealers have a hold of.

    • Too early to say apparently. But you could probably say at this point it could have been over just about anything — drugs, road rage, argument over a girl. Whatever it was, it’s a virtual certainty it wasn’t worth losing your life over.

    • Why do you think drug dealing, and not MURDER, is the salient problem here? Firstly, nothing in the article suggests that this had anything to do with a narcotics transaction. Secondly, there are far more drug deals that go down without incident than end in violence. Those that do devolving into violence typically involve fraud or opportunistic armed robberies.

  2. SF Chronicle is reporting some sort of altercation prior to the shooting. That would rule out road rage.

  3. Well, somebody paid that sweet baby’s orthodontic bills. Now he’s wanted for murder. It’s a classic case of “messed up”.

  4. It’s because california gun laws suck if these kids would have learned how to respect guns and people t a young age and that you just can’t shoot anything that makes ya mad we wouldn’t have this problem. I think these kids think they are tough cuz they have a gun and when they actually kill someone an waste their whole life over it is sad too bad it’s too late when they find out the consequences aren’t worth the fight

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