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Door-To-Door Masseur Rings The Wrong Bells In Concord; Arrest Made

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A man going door-to-door offering massages in the area of Clayton Road and La Vista Avenue in the Canterbury Village neighborhood of Concord attracted the wrong kind of attention and was eventually arrested, according to police.

Concord police did not specify the charges or give the man’s name, citing their ongoing investigation.

However, they asked anyone who may have been contacted by the individual or had a similar experience to contact Detective DeMott in the Special Victims Unit at 925-603-5851 or by email at Andrew.DeMott@cityofconcord.org


  1. “Concord police did not specify the charges or give the man’s name”…Really! They can do that in this country? Arrest without specifying charges. I would hate to be the Fuller Brush Man in Concurd. Also, Canterbury Village in Concurd? Really? All Gothic and Romanesque?…I’m not seeing it. I guess I don’t possess that salesman’s vision of what Concurd might be…in a hundred years.

      • So very strange – he looks like he has the gear and everything. Couldn’t tell if he had a folding table which some use. Very scary. Updates please.

      • If this was a lawful arrest, the guy was told why he was being arrested. I inferred something from the text of the article that was a misreading of the simple fact that the police were not giving more information at the time. I have no interest in watching the video. I accept the reporting that it was bad behavior and required intervention. But, hey, Canterbury Village of Concurd? C’mon

    • David, you need to get out of your Lamorinda bubble one in a while.🤗
      It also appears that you jumped to conclusions against police right away

  2. The man was a “masseuse”? Was there even time for that transformation to even happen? Before or after the arrest?

  3. Personally, in the interest of self-preservation, I would prioritize enforcement against illegal fireworks and gun violence over the self-promotion of Jose or Josefa…masseur/masseuse…but that’s just me.

  4. Deeply deeply troubling. Hovering right at her door. Agree he needed to be stepped on and fast. I would bet he has priors for this.

  5. David, you probably aren’t aware that he was exposing himself and performing sex acts (caught on the Ring video), as well as has been accused of sneaking into woman’s house…I think the community thinks he was very dangerous, and is glad CPD made the arrest. He is definitely not a harmless door to door salesman. Doubt you’d want him at your family’s house.

      • No Adam. I’m saying the article spells out that the detective is in the Special Victims Unit, and I happen to know what that entails. Then Dinda posted a video, which hopefully made it clear to others that he was a threat. I have no idea when he was arrested. I wasn’t there.

        • Thanks. Definite threat. I was just interested in the timing of this thing. Obviously in need of some time in the Greybar Hotel.

    • “A man going door-to-door offering massages”. That is the extent of what we knew when I commented. That is not chargeable.

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