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Eerie “Twin” Crash Injures Driver In Lafayette Sunday

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A little more than a week after a car rolled off eastbound Highway 24 – landing on a dirt access road near 2nd Street and injuring two people – a virtually identical crash happened in much the same place in much the same way early Sunday.

Emergency crews converged on the area of 2nd and Mt. Diablo in Lafayette at 12:13 a.m. after neighbors in the area reported the sound of a car “coming off” eastbound Highway 24 followed by the sound of “people screaming” in the area of 1028 2nd Street.

Firefighters worked to free a person believed to have been critically injured and transported that person to the hospital. Two people were injured in the same location in almost the same way June 4.

There was no immediate word on the condition of the driver or on how the crash occurred although it was reportedly witnessed by at least one other motorist.


  1. Trying to figure out how they could have rolled off the freeway there. There’s a merge lane there and a guardrail right?

    • Definitely had us uttering a “hmmm,” too, Jeff. One of those oddities of life we seem to run across so often.

  2. We heard it I didn’t happen on 2 nd st it was the dirt road on water dept property that it went off on the fact that it happened twice is ridiculous how blind were they that they drive over and down I would like to know alcohol level or drug intake I take that ramp to Walnut creek all the time and I would love to see how they did that

    • Thanks, Jean… we believe that the police/firefighter dispatch system requires a street address with which to pinpoint an incident and the 2nd Street address was the closest physical address to the actual scene.

    • Jean, the occupant of the vehicle ended up passing away. He was a young man leaving behind a grief stricken and shocked family. Your comment is not needed and only adds salt to the wound.

    • Jean, you are a very horrible person for assuming that alcohol was involved. For your information, the young boys alcohol level was 0.00. Maybe you should check your own alcohol level before commenting such stupidity.

  3. This is how the crash occurred as it happened in front of me.

    As I was driving home On Highway 24 I noticed an old Lexus IS three lanes to the right speeding at around 100 mph. This car starts pulling to the right and spins out, going into a roll, down the on-ramp over the barrier dropping into the streets of Lafayette.

  4. As I recall, a car went off that same area last year when a road rage incident pushed it off…. So this would make a third.

  5. The eastbound right lanes have a major undulation in that area. A car going over it at 100+ mph could lose traction or even leave the ground.

  6. Probably happened because the two right lanes on the freeway are sinking in that area. Two huge dips are there. If you don’t know they are there and you hit them at the right speed you could lose control of your car. Cal Trans really needs to fix these two lanes.

    • Others are mentioning an undulation in the area. Relatives are apparently checking in so perhaps they can shed some light in what happened.

      • You can see the dips in the roadway during heavy traffic time. They had the same issue on the west bound exit lane into central Lafayette.

  7. My son was killed in the first accident on May 4th. I’m so devastated and sad this happened again to someone else. I send my condolences to the family. We are also trying to figure out how this could have happened 😭

    • Our condolences, Mrs. Andrews, and thanks for writing. Were the authorities ever able to tell you what happened in your son’s case?

  8. It’s being investigated.
    I would appreciate all the rude and heartless ppl to keep their mouth shut. Think about your comments before you write Family and friends are grieving! I can barely function since my son passed. He was a sweet and loving boy with a sweet soul.

    • Stacie, please shoot me an email when it’s convenient for you. I’d love to hear from you. My name is Sasan Sayyar, my brother was the victim here and I plan on making sure no other families have to mourn like us. My email is sayyar222@gmail.com Thank you and my sincerest condolences to you.

  9. Jean you need to shut your trap we lost a family member and your talking about alcohol?? No alcohol was involved so I don’t know why you’re trying to play detective, but you’re off by a lot! My cousin lost her son she can see your comment it’s just unbelievable! Please remove it and apologize to both families here that lost a family member!!!!

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