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People Of Earth – And The 24/680 – So, Whaddaya Think?


We’ve developed a semi-loyal following of readers/neighbors who seem to appreciate our hyper-local coverage of newsy stuff in Contra Costa County – and a little beyond, but now we’d like to venture waaay outside our county lines and see what you have to say about recent developments with possibly inter-stellar implications.

Some of you may have been following accounts of some particularly zoomy “tic-tacs” outmaneuvering our combat pilots around our fleets and military installations on the East Coast – and prompting questions about where exactly they come from.

No one wants to actually say the words, reminding us of the Air Traffic Controller in Close Encounters: “Flight 21, do you want to report a UFO?” – but the flight capabilities of these things is pretty, uh, otherworldly.

We know a fair share of you are pilots or have worked with aircraft so we’d like to hear what you think. Earthbound technology? Someone visiting from Rigel 7?

Enlighten us, please. We want to believe… Live Long and Prosper.


  1. “What is true – and I’m actually being serious here – is that there’s footage and records of objects in the skies that we don’t know exactly what they are.” – Barack Obama

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