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Lifeless Eyes; Bald-Faced Lies; And The Voyage Of Discovery


Discovery motions underway in a widely watched (by some, at least) court action against a propaganda peddler masquerading as a news outlet have turned up some interesting tidbits.

Turns out the purveyors of disinformation swallowed whole by a large part of the nation knew they were pushing the political leanings of their corporate master, knew they were lying, and knew what they were doing was a cynical and disgraceful attempt to hold onto their market share of an audience already actively participating in the lie.

The fact that many of these almost comical agent provocateurs are still on camera and not hiding in shame in a deep cave somewhere is testament to how far we’ve fallen as a nation – with disgraceful behavior apparently now considered an acceptable bullet point on a person’s Curriculum Vitae.

Even as these and other revelations come to light it appears that many Americans remain comfortably ensconced in their own echo chambers, with no amount of proof or self-admission swaying them from their belief that baby-draining Democrats are an actual thing.

Fine. If a public voir dire is not enough for those deep in their rabbit holes, okay, you’ve made your bunks and you should be prepared to lie in them – usage noted. But we do fear that this single-minded Skew Think has now become the norm, infiltrating our layers of government and trickling down to the suburban level where we make our home. With our own notes on public transparency firmly in hand we can’t help but observe the writings of peer publications running up against systemic barriers and obfuscations of their own. And while we tend to focus on our own stated area of coverage we have to say the independent confirmation of our own observations is troubling.

Almost as troubling is the public’s apparent, ongoing fascination with what many seem to believe are bodies or body parts scattered about the region like cordwood. And while, certainly, citizen observation of unusual things has led to the discovery of some pretty unsettling incidents we are left to wonder if the proliferation of true-crime podcasts and programming is leading to a sort of public hysteria – with otherwise normal folks obsessing over discarded carpet or clumps of week-old chicken bits. We don’t know what movies or shows you’re watching but drive-by observations by budding criminologists has been leading to some interesting discoveries as some poor schmuck – usually someone with a real badge and gun – is dispatched to check out the latest corpse du jour.

Recently, report of a “lifeless, very white woman sitting upright in a car and staring straight ahead” spurred further inspection by a John Law who trudged out to find, you guessed it, a mannequin propped up in a car seat. Something to remember the next time you stumble upon your next murder victim.

And, on a busy President’s Day, ours turns up in the middle of a shooting war, flying the flag a little for an embattled people and remarking on the price of eggs – something Americans can relate to. By all accounts residents of Kyiv were happy to see Joe Biden, and he apparently made a point of making himself accessible to them, providing something of a lift for people rocketed or shelled on an almost daily basis. The trip was conducted under a strict security blackout, of course, comparable perhaps to our Mr. Roosevelt sneaking off to London during the Blitz – which never happened but you get the drift.

We were out and about a little ourselves Sunday, strangling in suit and tie and remembering our declaration of Constant Casual Days but pulling it together long enough to conduct some business. Sometimes you just have to Embrace the Suck and put your business face on.

Judging from the number of emails and Flashback texts waiting for us upon our return the whole Restful Sabbath thing may be a thing of the past as we spent the evening catching up and finding out what was on everyone’s minds. Always (well, almost always) enjoy those communiques so thanks for reaching out.

Anyway, we’re back in the saddle and ready for the coming week. Talk to you soon, we’re sure.


  1. I believe the residents of East Palestine, Ohio would also have enjoyed a visit from THEIR President. But as we all know Mr. Biden has felt a special kinship with Ukraine since his days as VP.

    • I believe the residents of East Palestine are weary of presidents – especially ones who roll back regulations regarding rail safety and transporting hazardous chemicals through their towns. And for those whose memories don’t work that far back, Joe Biden wasn’t the one who did that.

      • But Mr. Biden is the President as we speak. And visiting ruined and injured communities within the United States is no doubt within his purview. There is plenty of time to ascertain blame (hearings, trials, etc.) but the people in Ohio are suffering now. A little kindness from Washington would not be a bad thing.

    • Let all those Republicans they’ve voted for visit them. That’s who they support. That’s who they get. That should make them happy.

      • You come across as a bit angry. So if someone votes Republican they don’t deserve any aid when their town and structures are destroyed? Wow.

        • They deserve the aid the Republicans they voted for will give them.

          Maybe Trump will send them some rakes, too.

    • The diversionary wing of the GOP is on the job again I see. Afraid of Hillary Clinton? BenghaziBenghaziBenghazi. Caught in another Big Lie? HunterBidensLaptopHunterBidensLaptopHunterBidensLaptop. Caught trying to sunset Social Security & Medicare? ChineseSpyBaloonChineseSpyBaloonChineseSpyBaloon. And now, with the president in Ukraine and their sainted mouthpieces turning on their former leader and themselves its BidenSnubsEastPalestineBidenSnubsEastPalestineBidenSnubsEastPalestine. They’re a bad joke and the only thing funny about it is they think their tactics still work.

      • Benghazi was no political diversion. A United States ambassador was murdered and his body mutilated in the streets. Three other U.S. nationals were also murdered. I don’t feel like picking apart the rest of your missive but you appear quite cavalier about real world events.

        • I’m well aware of what happened at Benghazi, as well as the right’s subsequent attempt to lay the blame for the assaults at Mrs Clinton’s feet. I remember all too well the exhaustive congressional inquiry she agreed to appear before. Key descriptions of Ambassador Stevens’ death were found to be outright fabrications or at least open to dispute. The troubling thing is they keep getting repeated as fact, as you do here.

        • In contrast to an angry Mr. ReapWhatYouSow, you come across as a thoughtful Republican talking-point Bot, initiating or perpetuating zombie talking points as programmed. Mr. Gephardt rightfully identifies the political diversions. You locate the references and fruitfully multiply them.

          Losing elections. Losing arguments. It doesn’t even slow you down.

          • I have never voted Republican in my life. Primarily Libertarian and used to vote Democrat.

  2. News outlet? You are too vague and literate for me, not being in your inner circle here I’m kind of waiting for others to point to your view on the media. Are you talking about the Steele dossier and fake Russia collusion that rich leftist press kept alive as a story long after the facts proved it to be paid by Hillary? The Hunter laptop story suppression by the rich leftist media? Don Lemon saying females should be judged as if they are cattle and only of value in child bearing age? Or is this anti-right wing media covering up things Trump did or maybe that fun evening I watched Newsmax who were convinced that there was a coup going on in China? I think every story now has a probability distribution around it as to whether it is a bunch of fiction.

    • Gee, no. I believe this piece is referencing court proceedings, you know, where opposing parties submit testimony under oath and are subject to legal consequences for not being truthful. It’s a bit scary for the liars. And, YES, on Don Lemon. What a moment of accidental truth from him! Apparently, he’s not the only one.

  3. Lying in bunk. I like the reference.

    Now that Chat AI, Image AI, and Video AI meet the internet (and we all know what the internet excels at) I think we can expect accelerating confusion and perversion.

    Now would be the time for some Neil Young:
    Don’t let it bring you down
    It’s only castles burning.

    Geez. We’re reliving the seventies.

  4. Mike Lindell has all the evidence and will be presenting the facts at Blobbo’s next inauguration in March… no, mid April… late April… I mean May… and please bring Sidney Powell back please, I love watching that woman’s eyes spin in counterclockwise directions when she talks.

    • Murdoch explained his decision to let Lindell run ads for his company, MyPillow, as strictly financial — rather than political — saying: “It is not red or blue, it is green.”

      It’s a shame we’re not still sending prison ships back to Australia.

  5. “What Trump’s good at is destroying things. He’s the undisputed world champion of that. He could easily destroy us if we play it wrong.” — Tucker Carlson – forced to tell the truth for a change.

  6. Trump attempting to gain favor by going to East Palestine is like a railroad vandal returning to the scene of his crime.

  7. It’s a hell of a thing when one of the most popular so-called news outlets purposely lies about who won a presidential election. And though the discovery in the court case makes this a slam-dunk, didn’t most of us already know what Fox News was doing? Or maybe not?

    I think what confuses people is they have 2 divisions, one is fairly straight news, the other is a bunch of self-serving personalities who won’t hesitate to lie for higher ratings and higher salaries/profits. Unfortunately, it seems that most of their viewers actually believe these non-journalist personalities, even when “facts” or their own newsroom says otherwise.

    A good example is what happened in 2020 when their own decision desk called Arizona for Biden before anyone else did.

    “They confused the television show with the real thing”


    Where is Walter Cronkite when we need him?

  8. It’s remarkable what the Kremlin and its Republican stooges have been able to accomplish: sowing doubt in American institutions and making Fake News the rallying cry of a president and his red hatted hypocrites who would have had us believe that everyone but their chosen propaganda outlet had been corrupted when AGAIN it was them – all along.

  9. most of us were smart enough to see through the lie and the liars. but as you say a considerable percentage of americans are either not very smart or simply willing to blind their eyes as long as their goals were met.

  10. Fox has excelled at “flipping the script.” Even if Dominion gets a $2 billion settlement against the Murdoch’s, we’re still screwed. We’re no longer in the weeds here. We’re in the deep, dark forest. And all the trees are dying of drought and disease. Cheery.

  11. I want to thank 24-680’s voice for describing the situation in its own inimitable style. You’ve even brought out the maggots, so you must be doing something right! Suggest you submit this to daily kos for wider distribution.

    • NEWS24/680 would like to thank Linda for her input… and for using inimitable!
      (We have the best readers.)


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