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Pursuits End In Arrests, Damage To Structures And Cars Tuesday


Unrelated attempts to outrun the Long Arm of the Law resulted in widespread damage to private property, arrests and possibly a case of pneumonia as one desperate individual plunged into a Pleasant Hill Creek in his effort to avoid arrest.

Things got off to a raucous start in Martinez as detectives attempting to detain a carjacking suspect near Highway 4 and Alhambra Boulevard scattered when the suspect turned his car in their direction, making contact with a police vehicle, a private car and a building before successfully eluding the cordon and speeding northward to Vallejo – where his damaged transportation eventually drifted to a stop and police moved in to make the arrest.

About an hour after the 10:50 a.m. pursuit in Martinez was getting underway, two men apparently known to police attracted the attention of an officer in Pacheco and fled from that officer, ultimately crashing their car near the Target store on Contra Costa Boulevard – where one man was taken into custody – and the other chose to run.

The fleeing man, believed to have warrants for his arrest, reportedly ran through the Target and nearby Grayson apartments – wading across Grayson Creek and emerging from the creek bed dripping wet but still moving to avoid police.

More officers, drones, and canine teams arrived to assist with the search and the unidentified suspect was eventually located in a parking garage and taken into custody without further incident.


  1. I used to have that exact car and it is faster than it looks. Apparently not fast enough this time. Good work to all involved.

    Side note: it seems Target is like the new WalMart – always somehow involved in some criminal drama these days. Shame…

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