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Dublin PD Announces Arrests In “Lil Yase” Murder Case


Dublin police investigators have announced the arrests of Angel Butler and Jovante Williams, both 28 and both of Dublin, in connection with the homicide of Mark Alexander Antonyyo Jr, who went by the stage name Lil Yase, shot multiple times near the East Dublin BART station on Nov. 28, 2020.

Officers located the 26-year-old Northern California rapper at a nearby hospital the night he was shot, finding he had been admitted with multiple gunshot wounds. Investigators said Antonyyo named his killer before dying.

“Little Yase” Antonyyo, Jr.

Police determined that Antonyyo was last seen with friends at a Marin County recording studio when he set out for Dublin in his car shortly before midnight. Investigators said the rapper was en route to Dublin for a meeting with Butler, with whom he’d had a previous relationship.

Detectives traced the shooting scene to a location in the 5100 block of Iron Horse Parkway, and say both Butler and Williams lived in that area.

The rapper was initially treated for multiple gunshot wounds when he arrived at Valley Care Medical Center in Pleasanton early Saturday – before he was transferred to Eden Medical Center in Castro Valley where he was declared deceased.

A good samaritan who reportedly found Antonyyo stumbling outside his car at the shooting scene is said to have told investigators the rapper told him he’d been shot during an aborted holdup targeting an expensive wristwatch, and police are still gathering evidence as the case continues to unfold.

Butler and Williams are expected to face murder charges when Dublin detectives bring their case to the district attorney Thursday.

Music industry insiders described Antonyyo as an up-and-coming Bay Area rapper who came out of San Francisco’s Sunnydale Housing Projects to make his way in the music business, releasing a single “Get It In” in 2015 and acquiring a You Tube following with a string of hits that racked up hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube over the years

Since then, friends told reporters, the rapper has concentrated on promoting his label – Highway 420 Productions – and gaming.


  1. Why is it that no one is getting mad about all the black on black crime? No marching in the streets. No politicians making speeches. No anger. Just deafening silence.
    But add a white cop into the equation and It’s racist racist racist. We’re sure selective in our outrage aren’t we.

  2. Something tells me there is more to this story than an “expensive watch.” If Butler was his ex, is Williams her new man? That usually goes well. Not that men have egos when it comes to the ladies. If he was on his way to meet Butler, I doubt she told him be sure to wear that nice watch.

  3. Yeah, that’s it. We’re not mad enough about black on black crime. Thank you, Mr. I’M NOT A RACIST for bringing that to our attention.

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