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Letters: “Is It Time To Be Happy, Yet?”



Finally some good news as Twenty Twenty fades into history: schools reopening, Uncle Sugar sending some of us $1,400 and Jill Biden coming over to vaccinate me personally this afternoon.

It almost makes sitting in traffic bearable again. My sister is happy because the schools are opening and the kids are heading back to class. Her kids are happy because Mom and Pop were starting to lose it, mumbling to themselves and bumping into each other – Dad digging holes in the backyard and filling them back in again.

We’ve still got a few other things to worry about – like making a living wage, income inequality, a Quirky Congress – but at least we’re identifying our issues and HOPEFULLY we can keep it together long enough to fix them.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


Ed Bledsoe/ Concord


  1. Woohoo!! Competent government! What a concept!

    And, it’s women’s history month, so let’s make that Doctor Jill! I’ve been been bailed out by my woman more than once, so let’s give them their due.

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