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LETTER: Reader Frets About Christmas COVID Spike



The ambulances have been busy in our neighborhood lately. Talking to the neighbors can mean finding out someone you like is sick or in the hospital.

The worst thing is finding out that the nice man who lived alone and waved at the kids on their way to school is gone, either taken to the hospital or gone forever no one seems to know, his front door broken by the police or firefighters who found him.

More people are going into hospitals. Some are dying. And we still haven’t seen the bill for the Thanksgiving parties I know were happening because the virus incubation and testing period hasn’t been completed yet. In the meantime we see more outbreaks as – SURPRISE – teenagers like to party and their parents – SURPRISE – don’t have the sense God gave geese.

And things are expected to get even worse as – SURPRISE – our so-called leaders turn out to be two-faced, lying charlatans who tell us one thing and then take their masks off for party time at the local spa or restaurant.

Christmas is looking pretty grim right now and the ambulances don’t show any sign of slowing down any time soon. I’m caught between thinking we could have handled this better to thinking this is the best we could expect with the way we are behaving these days.

I hope it all ends soon. I’m tired of seeing those ambulances – and I don’t want to see another Christmas like this one.


Gabriella A. Rodriguez-Ochoa/ Concord


  1. Cases are spiking because of cold weather. The virus spreads faster, and people are indoors more often. The medical profession knows this. There will always be people who don’t play by the rules. Society knows this as well. We also know that politicians are liars. Just because ambulances are in the neighborhood doesn’t mean it’s Covid related.

  2. 2,760 dead today. Just today. That’s a 9/11. And people still think it’s their right to infect others.

  3. pandemic. ambulances. hospitals. drowning alone. coffins. mobile morgues. cold weather. indoors. covid related. logarithmic scale. GRIEF. DENIAL. cold deceit. cowardice. the horror.

  4. They say it doesn’t mean anything to people until someone they know gets sick. so know I know two and it seems really real to me.

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