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Yours In LipZippetyUppedness


We’re riding high on sleep deprivation and vintage Fleetwood Mac and watching The National Madness slide by while nightcallers ring us up and whisper: “Aren’t you going to say anything?”

Those unlucky enough to know us well know we’re loquacious with just a hint of cocksure garrulousness thrown in – traits bestowed since the day we bent over backward to kiss the stone of Blarney – and that we’re not afraid to nock an opinion and let it fly from time to time.

But in a state of shock and awe generated by the New Wave of National Obstinance and Willful Ignorance we’re going to do what so many of you have requested and shut the Fleetwood up, preferring to hold close the memory of the time back in 1976 when Stevie touched our hand as we delivered dinner rolls to Big Mac’s table – murmuring a sotto voce “thanks” so Lindsey wouldn’t hear and be jealous.

Some things you just have to keep to yourself.

But if you have something you want to get off your chest (be nice) go ahead and use the comments field below. Come up with something interesting and we may just chime in – it’s hard for us to remain silent for long.


  1. Something. Maybe. If I were a really bad driver, or unlucky, or with perfect foresight could that have saved hundreds of thousands of lives? It was the mid-1970s. I drove Ralph Nader from LAX to a speaking engagement at UCLA. Years later, in the 2000 election Ralph ran and took enough votes away from Gore that Bush won and became president. I’m rather sure Gore when faced with 9/11 would not have invaded Iraq, directly killing hundreds of thousands, and helping to displace millions. What if back in the 1970s I had run the car into a flat bed truck on the 405 freeway, Ralph was totaled, Gore won the election and the war never happened? If I could visit myself in the 1970s, what would I say to me?

  2. I would write something but we’re too busy raking the woods behind our house. Apparently trees explode spontaneously. It’s a little known fact — heard it from a highly placed source.

  3. To paraphrase Yogi: It’s a democracy. Everybody votes for the winner, so nobody votes there anymore.

  4. 1776 – 2020. It was a good run…for some. “Democracy”…for some. Equal opportunity…for some. When Ona Judge ran away from the household of the POTUS and her personal service to the First Lady, they REALLY wanted her back, discretely. How could she embarrass them like that? And, if you have seen the gilded age mansions of yesteryear and today in Newport, Beverly Hills, Atherton, Malibu…it becomes clear that some persons are simply more equal than others, and we have all been here before. So why make a fuss?

  5. How can a narcissistic sociopath be awakened to the alternate reality of an invisible, odorless, tasteless pathogen that kills with extreme prejudice while knowing none itself?

  6. They almost had us feeling sorry for them. Almost. And then I remember how they mocked others who were sick, or captured by the enemy, or dead. I didn’t want anyone to get this virus, much less 203,000 people who died from it, but after some thought about these people contracting it I say — too bad, losers.

  7. DPH: Case Study 101: Leadership During a Time of Emergency / It Can’t Happen to Me

    Ok, you’ve just hosted a super spreader event at taxpayers’ expense on the south lawn of the peoples’ house. Upon leaving you learn that you have been directly in contact with someone who has a HIGHLY contagious, potentially deadly disease. What do you do? Explain in 500 words or less please.

    A) Consult your public health experts and, per their advice, quarantine at home until you have further information. Send your regrets to your donors that you can’t attend a meeting with them out of “an abundance of caution”
    B) Notify your donors that you will have to video conference with them out of “an abundance of caution”
    C) Board a helicopter to a plane to a car for hugs and photos with your supporters who have no idea that caution has been thrown to the wind because “it can’t happen to me”.

  8. It seems to me some very desperate people are doing some very desperate things to hold onto what they have. They’re not doing verry well.

  9. Calls to “be kind” to someone who has abused you is a standard gaslighting tactic. It creates an idea that the abuser is deserving of considerations he or she need not give their victims. The person many in this country have been tricked into electing to the highest position in the land has mocked war heroes, war dead, people with disabilities, and political opponents who have fallen ill. He did this openly and on camera. To suggest that he and his crime family are due our care and concern is ludicrous. They and everyone who has decided to associate with them needs to be removed from any official office so the nation can heal and be be cured of the illness they brought with them. I only hope we can do it in time. America needs to find itself again.

  10. It’s the baseball playoffs, and here comes the fever pitch from the folks at cable news: WHAT IS THE PRESIDENT’S CONDITION AT THIS VERY MOMENT? TELL US! TELL US! TELL US!

  11. It has been determined that women and negroes will be allowed to vote in this election. TWAS NOT ALWAYS THUS. How will that affect the outcome? Some seek to nullify those votes through extralegal intimidation; some see LEGALLY cast ballots as a threat, an affront to their hegemony. Me, I am OK with it, I am OK with moving on that is. What’s next?

  12. No more propaganda. This administration needs to stop lying to us. It’s not working on anyone but the boneheads.

  13. I don’t know how he is at healing people but that presidential doctor has a real future as a tap dancer.

  14. The emperor has killed ANY relief package before the assemblage of vassals occurs in November. He’s a killer. There are losers, and there are killers, so says he. Bring that man his pipe! Now, I don’t know if this story has a great ending, but it does end.

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