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Walnut Creek Police Call Homestead Avenue Shooting An “Isolated Incident”

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In a short informational release, Walnut Creek police said Monday’s shooting incident at the intersection of Homestead Avenue and Ygnacio Valley Road was an isolated incident and that no further threat was posed to the community.

Investigators said the incident unfolded at 4:56 p.m. when the department began receiving 911 calls referencing a shooting at that location.

Police said the victim was stopped in his vehicle on Homestead Ave. in the northbound left turn lane at Ygnacio Valley Road when an adult Hispanic male suspect approached on foot and fired multiple shots into the victim’s vehicle with a handgun.

Witnesses said the “young male” victim appeared to have been hit at least once in the arm area.

Suspect Description: Hispanic adult male, approximately 25 years of age, approximately 5’5”, Average build, low-cut haircut, mustache.

Responding officers provided first aid to the victim and he was transported to a nearby hospital where he is currently listed in stable condition. During the investigation, westbound traffic on Ygnacio Valley Road was blocked near Walnut Boulevard, as well as northbound traffic on Homestead Avenue near Marshall Drive for approximately two hours.

Police said their investigation is in the early stages and information will remain limited.

Anyone with information regarding this incident was asked to call Detective Leonard at 925-256-3523.


    • The WCPD release describes only a single assailant. A gang, by definition, includes more than one person. The release did not mention any gang connection.

      What prompted this speculation?

      • Broad daylight, pre meditated hit, not apparently road rage argument.

        Isolated incident? Wasn’t there just a shooting near a Newell liquor store a month back?

          • People who are not gang members get angry and do horrific things to others every day. Further, if one were inclined to do a gangland hit, one would presumably choose a venue with less abundant law enforcement resources and a less cooperative populace than Walnut Creek. We don’t look favorably on “stop snitching” culture in these parts.

            What other detail(s) in the WCPD release prompted speculation about gang activity?

          • CC, you’re assuming violent felons think logically. Some actually, purposefully strike in broad daylight to send a message.

          • It is quite possible, even likely, that a commercial and transportation hub with 60k residents would experience three separate isolated incidents. We should chalk it up to unfortunate coincidence unless law enforcement or investigative reporters publish evidence suggesting otherwise.

            The sound of hoofbeats is more likely horses than zebras.

      • It would only take one gang member to make it gang related. I think it is certainly possible that it was gang related.

        • Sure — ANYTHING is possible. I’m just wondering how anyone can get to “gang hit” based on the info released so far. To me it seems it could have been over anything.

          • Easy. Brazen, public, extreme violence, seemingly unprovoked (not road rage), purposeful attack. They have detectives who map these things out.

            I gather other guesses could be a spurned lover or a drug deal gone bad (and still possibly gang related).

            When’s the last time Walnut Creek had 3 daylight gun attackers (attempted murder) in broad daylight. I can never recall anything close to this.

  1. Not everything is Sharks versus Jets. Neverttheless I am following this and would like to know what was behind it.

    • Touche! Meanwhile, PRIMA restaurant closes after 43 years, and New York hit a 28-year high for shootings. These disparate occurrences reveal massive changes.

      A top special event restaurant in a prime, centrally located suburb couldn’t weather Governor Newsom’s Draconian Covid policies and our unspoken cultural Civil War. I’m sure the owners foresaw another 6 months, or more, of leadership uncertainty despite an over 90% reduction in daily Covid deaths.

      New York suffers from socialist Mayor deBlasio, criminal “bond reform”, the Covid shutdown and Marxist BLM movement. I’m sure Atlanta, Seattle, and others are seeing similiar crime records. Super safe Walnut Creek has had 3 daylight shootings in one month.

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