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Former Livermore Little League President Arrested On Embezzlement, Forgery, Grand Theft Charges

Denise Arante. Photo: Livermore PD

On July 3, 2020, Detectives with the Livermore Police Department arrested Livermore resident Denise Arante, 48, on a warrant for charges of felony Embezzlement, Forgery, and Grand Theft against the Livermore Little League, a youth baseball organization.

Denise Arante had served as the Livermore Little League’s board president for about two years prior to resigning in May 2019. Arante’s resignation came on the heels of an internal investigation into the theft of funds intended for the Livermore Little League. As the league president, Arante was entrusted with full access to the organization’s banking account and finances. The money Arante allegedly stole was intended to keep the youth baseball organization operable for the children.

This investigation was initially triggered by Arante’s personal bank discovering apparent fraudulent activity. They reported the activity to the league’s treasurer, which sparked an internal investigation. Upon further evaluation, it became evident that Arante committed fraud. The league reported the theft, embezzlement and forgery to the Livermore Police Department and cooperated fully with Detectives.

The Livermore Police Department’s Criminal Investigations Unit assumed follow-up into the case. Following a systematic investigation, Detectives uncovered evidence that Arante stole in excess of $22,000 from the Livermore Little League over a two-year period.

Detectives presented the case to the Alameda District Attorney’s Office for review. The District Attorney’s Office charged the case, which resulted in the issuance of a warrant for Arante’s arrest. Following her arrest on July 3rd Arante provided a statement to Detectives in which she admitted responsibility.


  1. The president of a non-profit never, never, never gets direct access to the money. They broke a primary rule. What was the treasurer doing to not see this? Just as idiotic as Moraga Community Foundation but with less money at stake apparently. MCF continues to solicit money from suckers.

  2. Have you ever seen the movie Fargo? I’m kinda hoping he was pulled back through a small motel window while trying to make an undignified whining escape while still in his boxers. It’s just an image that comes to me from time to time…

    I will bet that neither of the alleged felons were in fear of their lives when officers arrived, and that says something new in 2020.

  3. Teachers, coaches, tutors should not have private phone access to underage students. Bookkeepers, Treasurers, CFOs etc should not have single-signer authority over bank accounts worth thousands if not more. Why this is so hard for us to understand is beyond me. And then another one of these cases pops up and everyone whines and moans and says how could it happen?

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