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Trump Supporters Attempt To Paint Out Black Lives Matter Messaging In Martinez Saturday


Warning: Some major F-bombing and ongoing street dissertation as a couple attempt to paint out city sanctioned messaging on Court Street in Martinez Saturday.

The couple left to “get more paint” after blurring, blotting the “B” and the “L” in Black but did not return. Martinez police are reportedly investigating.


  1. I wanted to hear more about his position on the Emancipation Proclamation — I love it when these guys try their hand at history!

    • People used to have better things to do on the fourth like cook hamburgers with your family and exploding things in their yard, now they’re getting worked into a fervor by the MSM and exacting justice against “the enemy”.

      • Cuz sitting on our fat American asses with hamburgers is much more in the spirit of independence from tyranny than protest and democratic change.

  2. It’s not pretty but the whole episode is a metaphor for us right now with everyone screaming over the other and trying to paint over the others argument. It’s pathetic but that’s where we are and we need to fix it and get back on track or we’ll pull the country apart.

    • No, it isn’t. It’s not a metaphor. The BLM mural was permitted to be painted there. These idiots showed up to try to cover it up. End of story.

      There’s only one “right” side to this. Stop pretending with the “bUt b0tH s1d3z” BS.

      • Not sure what your mixed numerology message is all about but it sounds like you’ve made a decision as to who to support in this and that’s fine but I never liked granting any one position sweeping powers of credibility from the outset as that shapes and defines the discussion – if there is to be one – in a biased way.

        • You See confusion when we read it clearly… but both sides BS….There is only one right side when someone defaced a permitted art project. Plus, the only people screaming loud enough to be heard very clearly were the 2 Angry , Racist , unrealistically clueless people in this video….Names coming soon…Heat to follow

          • Hmmm… so the following reply of Mark Jones speaks volumes. The demand, desire and expectation of EQUALITY is political. SYSTEMATIC RACISM at its best

          • lolol, u not hear what the man said in the video? @devon

            “You’re lucky that our forefathers freed you”

            if that’s not racist idk meng. something’s wrong with your philosophy.

      • Matt Perri, what Mr. Liebalt is attempting is what is referred to as the tu quoque fallacy, or the “you too” fallacy. This fallacy asserts that his side of the argument is not at fault, because according to his contention, “you are wrong as well.” This argument tactic is reminiscent of what children do when they are caught doing something wrong. In short, the tactic is to not own up to the indiscretion, but to say… well… Jimmy does it too, in turn placing the blame on someone other than oneself. With that said, do not pay any attention to these assertions because they are just a reflection of his true feelings on equality, humanity, and possibly his worries or fears of loosing his white supremacy.

        • Thank you Logan for your very scholarly if completely misguided representation of my position. One minor thing when attempting this in future: it’s “losing,” not loosing. And — how do you know I’m white?

          • LOL. Someone trying to defend a logical fallacy as “misguided”. Oh, and pointing out a minor spelling mistake? You really showed ‘em!

          • It’s an unfounded inference. Feel free to correct him if you think that will help move things along. Go ahead, tell him how wrong he is about how your race plays into this conversation.

    • There are NOT “very fine people on both sides” of this discussion. There is no debate. We don’t need to have a CNN 8-panel debate over the pros and cons of racism. This is as elementary a moral question as one will get. Why are police killing so many people in this country, unlike anywhere else, and why is the police focus on people of color?

      • But there isn’t widespread killing of innocent civilians in our nation of 330 Million.

        Paul Sperry writes: Jun 1: “FACT: In 2019, 9 blacks, 19 whites, and 6 Hispanics were unarmed when killed by police in U.S. In 2015, by comparison, 38 blacks, 32 whites, and 19 Hispanics were unarmed when killed by police.” ”

        Meanwhile, thousands of young black men are killed by other young black men every year in major US cities.

        • And thousands of white men and killed by other white men. The Black men who are killed by other Black men are not killed because they’re Black. Stop politicizing humanity. For someone to say racism doesn’t exist in this country, and to have people like you defend his view as valid is a new level of bizarre.

          • Racism will always be a problem in this country because “people”, some specific, will never let the sins of the past remain in the past. To think that equality is something that will be achieved by weak local politicians authorizing the painting of Black Lives Matter graffiti across city streets throughout “our” Nation just helps support that segregation people keep whining about. Why is it only a focus for black lives? When and where are the street paintings in these cities going to be done for these following groups: Hispanics, Asians, LGBTQ (grouped or singularly referenced, why confine group labels??), Athiest, Muslims, Police, oh, and why not Caucasians while we are at it? Why is this just support for Black Lives? Equality and support should be for all, not just for one race or group. But yet, only one group is being portrayed. Where were the options for the citizens in these cities to vote on the subject of defacing city streets which are not just occupied by one group or race of people? Where I am all for equality, shouldn’t it be for all? Shouldn’t we vote on how we want things done or is that all it takes now is rioting, looting, destruction, and death to get a slogan painted on the street?

    • So, is it allegory or metaphor when 2 ignorant white Trump fans plan and commit a crime in broad daylight and expect to get away with it?

        • History has shown that when “movements” sprout and take hold that innocents are often caught up in the resulting “clean up” of history, often because the innocents have been misidentified by a recently emboldened body. Saw it happen before and it is why I choose not to attach myself to a movement and its trappings as it often just becomes an unthinking mob. This applies to the Tea Party as much as it does to BLM, and it is a reminder that we need to proceed carefully and mindfully when it comes to changing our history and our government – or else we’re going to make some very big mistakes.

          • I don’t understand your post, but I do love the innocents, unless of course you are speaking in some sort of code. In that case, I reserve judgment.

  3. I want to thank them for being so public in their repulsiveness. We can’t keep pretending this isn’t real and right here where we live.

    • Yes. It was a very public example of what many have been saying all along. It was really hard to watch but at the same time it dragged the issue out into the light for all to see. It confirmed what many have suspected for some time.

      • You hit the nail on the head. Our suspicions that white people wish to remain in positions of power by holding others back came out in this public show of vandalism.

        • Huh? In many of these cities, like Atlanta, Baltimore, or Chicago – the Mayor, Police Chief, and City Council members are black. And even in liberal Minnesota, one of the four officers handling Mr. Floyd was black, the AG is black, and the Supervising Police Chief is black. Who’s been held back? Nobody. The Mayor is Liberal and let the city burn down.

          Better buckle up. Minneapolis PD has reportedly not shown video footage of Mr Floyd struggling; the training manual instructs the knee to the neck move (yuck); the Supervising officer is African American; and the AG may have overcharged w 2nd degree murder, possibly setting up a not guilty verdict – and possibly more Riots. Likewise, a police officer in Atlanta shooting a criminal who attempted to tazer an officer not an solid case.

  4. I suspect this was some sort of publicity stunt — two cans of paint would never have covered that mural. I think they just wanted to sound off. That’s why the guy was filming.

  5. There are more than two points of view.

    One can be against police brutality or a heavy hand, but not back the Marxist inspired BLM movement or defunding police.

    And assertions of widespread police brutality aren’t facts. Writer Paul Sperry, @paulsperry_

    Jun 1: “FACT: In 2019, 9 blacks, 19 whites, and 6 Hispanics were unarmed when killed by police in U.S. In 2015, by comparison, 38 blacks, 32 whites, and 19 Hispanics were unarmed when killed by police.” ”

    June 4: ” 2018, the latest year for which such data have been published, African-Americans made up 53% of known homicide offenders in the U.S. and commit about 60% of robberies, though they are 13% of the population.”

    June 4: “NEW STUDY: “We find no evidence of anti-Black or anti-Hispanic disparities across shootings, and White officers are not more likely to shoot minority civilians than non-White officers. Instead, race-specific crime strongly predicts civilian race.” “

    • Please state your citations, because I can give you numerous ACTUAL studies from around the world that show the number of people killed by police in the US is over 1k/year and has been for over a decade.

      I’m white btw.

      There’s is something wrong in this country and the police are just a part of it.

      • Unfortunately, BLM protestors in lawless Atlanta killed an i year old child last night.

        At about 9:30, Charmaine Turner and her daughter were driving with a friend when they attempted to turn into a store near a group of armed Black Lives Matter protestors. Two of the BLM activists opened fire on their vehicle for not complying with their unlawful roadblock, and 8-year-old Secoriea Turner was shot. She died in her mothers arms as they attempted to escape the area and get to a hospital.

        Secoriya Williamson, father of 8-year-old Secoriea Turner, addressed the public:

        “They say Black Lives Matter. You killed your own… You killed a child” Mr. Williamson noted:

  6. Fun fact, police shootings of innocent folk of all races have dramatically dropped post the formation of BLM. Good job BLM! Keep agitating and cops will keep getting better.

  7. What exactly are the police “investigating”. The crime was recorded on video, the faces and voices of the perps are unmistakable, their car license plate is plainly visible. Arrest them.

  8. They are ignorant. They are frightened. They act like petulant children who were always chosen to be on the right team and have now been told the rules have changed and they will be picking straws instead. No one favored. Luck of the draw. Change is hard.

  9. People and they’re views are really aggravating. Nobody looks at it the same which is understood. At least if you don’t agree you can always keep your negative opinions to yourself because whether you’re white black native Mexican or Chinese living in America everybody can have bad moments. It’s crazy you have grown people 30 to 80 years old arguing over something like this when if you look at as if it were you or your race you’d probably want the same thing. Stop pointing out what different individuals do because they’re are plenty of misguided individuals in each race. Look at it this way …… Let them have their moment so change can happen cause it’s not affecting me it’s affecting them let them get their justice and I’m gonna continue to live. Tired of hearing about turn the channel Tired of watching it turn the channel Tired of it all together stay home if that don’t work BE AN ADULT AND LEARN HOW TO IGNORE THINGS AND MOVE ON. That’s it that’s all.

    • Myra, we are all citizens in a republic. With the freedom we enjoy comes responsibility. We have an obligation to talk about the difficult things and try to work things out and to try to come to a consensus and make things better…without the violence that history teaches us comes again and again when political solutions fail.
      And, yes, “People and they’re views are really aggravating.” No doubt.

  10. The couple in red did NOT apply for a permit. Local government, your government perhaps, sanctioned the BLM street painting. That is why what you are witnessing is vandalism.

    • ………… I was referencing what the lady was saying in the video ………… I understood what was going on………… && Honestly when the shoe is on the other foot people drop the ball on their “Obligations” but I mean if that’s what you believe I won’t knock it……………. Goodnight Sir …………. Have a blessed one ✌🏾

      • Blessed one to you, Myra. We are all in this together. Actually the post you replied to was made in response to someone else making a statement about the 1st Amendment. For reasons unbeknownst to me, the post I was replying to was removed by the editor which left my reply standing on its own. It was a bit confusing.

  11. This needs to be prosecuted as a hate crime, The city needs to re-afirm where it stands on this issue. This act is no different than painting a nazi symbol or any other symbol of oppression. If it fails to press hate crime charges, it shows the commissioning of the mural was just a farce to give the appearance of support. If these two are too uneducated to understand that “Black Lives Matter” is an expression that means “All Lives Matter”, then they should be locked up and made examples of so everyone else in the country can understand their ignorance. This isn’t about forgiveness for allowing slavery. This is about basic human rights. This is about building a new unity into our country where everyone BELIEVES all people are created equal, …and not just hollow words on a document we just spent a weekend celebrating.

    • LMAO!! really? Are you saying the BLM mural is like a nazi symbol?

      Your words, “This act is no different than painting a nazi symbol or any other symbol of oppression.” Hmmmm……

      Furthermore, the expression “Black Lives Matter” does NOT mean “All Lives Matter.” Joke! What it does mean is it’s okay to destroy other peoples property, eliminate law enforcement (read allow the killing of many children over the last weeks) and basically destroy America. I’m guessing your a Dem, maybe 30 something and clearly brainwashed by the “me too” movement as well as the other poor me part of America.

      Your #BLM is ONLY building a BIG divide between races and if you fail to see how much #BLM is destroying this country, YOU are blind, deaf and dumb.

  12. How many of the comments here have you been able to publish? I don’t think you’re running all of them.

  13. Change is coming and that is hard to understand for some people. Best exemplified by the “we’re losing ground” statement. They see things slipping away from them.

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