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Alleged Pleasant Hill Garage Burglar Arrested Sunday

Photo: Pleasant Hill PD

Early this morning Pleasant Hill residents confronted a man in their back yard in the Gregory Gardens area.

Pleasant Hill police officers determined a burglary had occurred and this man had allegedly entered different garages in the neighborhood. The man was located, positively identified, arrested and booked into county jail for various offenses.

His name had not yet been released by police.


  1. From PH Nextdoor- This morning at approx. 7:30a, we heard our side gate open and my surveillance camera caught a man entering my backyard. I went to a nearby window and he ran off. I called PHPD who came and took a statement and I showed them the screen grabs. They immediately identified the man as “Donnie Richards”. After talking to my neighbor, apparently Donnie slept in their side office before coming to our yard.

    Richards apparently broke in or entered several garages in the area throughout the night. Richards is a transient and apparently grew up in PH and frequently returns per PHPD.

    • Sadly, a common occurrence these days as folks who grew up here take different life paths and return to their old neighborhoods. We’re hearing many similar stories. Thanks for the post…

  2. I knew Donnie. He had a great heart. He just needed some help. Not a Bad person at all. No one is perfect in this life. May God rest his soul. Rest In Peace Donnie. In Jesus name.

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