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Contra Costa County Confirms First Local Case Of Novel Coronavirus

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Contra Costa Health Services (CCHS) has confirmed the first positive case of novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, involving a resident of the county.

The person tested positive Tuesday afternoon. County Director of Public Health Dan Peddycord and public health division medical director Ori Tzvieli said the patient is an adult male with underlying health issues.

Officials said the man was initially hospitalized with respiratory and flu-like symptoms. He is currently in critical condition and isolated at an undisclosed local hospital.

Officials are working to identify anyone who came in contact with the infected person.

The county’s public health lab conducted the initial test, which is expected to be confirmed by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention in the coming days. The patient had no known travel history and no known contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19.


  1. I feel it is very likely that the current tracking and counting method are way off and that it will be some time before the full scope of this pandemic is realized. I AM NOT saying it is extraordinarily lethal or that it should induce mass panic but I do believe we were late to the game and the very nature of the virus itself makes it hard to pinpoint and track.

  2. Someone very dear to me has been in a hospital in Japan since 2/8. She’s on a respirator. My heart breaking. She was on the cruise ship. This virus is unforgiving.

  3. Fascinating and somewhat frightening correlation between the way this thing moves and the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918. We’ve made huge advances in care and isolation techniques since then but these things are often stealthy and “learn” to adapt, mutating beyond our ability to contain and treat them. I remain hopeful and concerned for those who have come down with this and hope those caring for them are safe and properly protected.

  4. 4200 passengers and crew were aboard Feb 11 Princess cruise from SF to Mexico to SF. One such passenger received email notice today from Princess,13 days after disembarking, that covid-19 was aboard that cruise. Yeah, public health is always late to the party. Wash your hands.

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