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Four Detained After Apparent Home Invasion-Style Attack In Moraga Sunday


Moraga police have stopped a vehicle with four men aboard at the Chevron station on Moraga Road at Moraga Way after reports of an attempted home-invasion-style robbery reached police from a residence on Donald Drive.

The incident is still unfolding as Moraga police, supported by officers from adjacent agencies, cleared a car containing the men they stopped as it was apparently leaving the scene at around 9:30 p.m. Sunday.

While still obviously very much under investigation, it appears the four allegedly attempted to enter a residence in the 100 block of Donald Drive at around 9 p.m., reportedly using baseball bats to batter down a rear door and attempting to tie up at least one resident with zip ties.

It was not immediately known what prompted the robbery attempt, and reports that it may have been motivated by a marijuana deal gone wrong could not be immediately substantiated.

It was also not immediately known what drove the four from the targeted residence. Their truck was believed to have been spotted by a lone Moraga officer who confronted the occupants with gun drawn a short distance from the scene of the crime.

Witnesses report a heavy police presence at the gas station. We’ll update this story with additional details if and when we get them. Moraga police did not respond to an initial request for information on the incident.


  1. They went in with baseball bats instead of machine pistols…and they have been apprehended. I don’t even know what to say.
    Where am I?

  2. I wonder if this is the same gang that assaulted a Lafayette home last week and stole his BMW which is later dumped in Oakland. These people need to be locked up and not just turned loose again to do it again!! Our compassion for criminals is not ridiculous. Do we care about the victims anymore?

  3. According to the news, somebody who lives at that address, previously sold drugs to these criminals, who came back to steal this time. I can not imagine somebody doing that and not expecting trouble subsequently. http://nixle.us/BEKDC

    • The Nixile update indicated that the resident and the armed robbers had previously engaged in a cannabis transaction; nothing at all about drugs.

      I enjoyed spending part of Saturday in the Napa Valley; I doubt any of the wine merchants I patronized expect any “trouble”, especially armed robbery, because they sold me an intoxicating agricultural product.

      Why would the victim here — or anyone else in our neighborhood — expect “trouble” for engaging private, commercial transaction?

        • Most people who sell or buy their used cars, sometimes for thousands in cash, lack a license to sell used cars.

          Sometimes they get robbed by violent criminals holding themselves out as a counterparty.

          Would the community show such callous indifference to such a robbery victim?

        • David, he’s in a world of his own. In the words of the Beatles… Let it Be. Speaking words of wisdom, let it be. Let it be.

          • It may come as a surprise to some in our community, but all DECENT people agree that it is unconscionable to blame victims for violent crime.

          • Danielle: I like your postings. And, I hope you take your own advice to let it be. Although where you say he is in his own world, I would rather prefer to identify him as an internet troll, especially after he started five different debates in just the one main story on the Orinda shooting. A well educated troll is still a troll, with the main purpose to create a sink hole of your time.

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